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Are impossible for us to find, seriously, we never have one. And now the ones we sort of had are all back in college…son of a!

Anyway, we have had so many botched plans, we get tickets for a play or sporting event and then think, "Oh that's weeks away, we will find someone." and then, no.

So monday is our anniversary, and I happened to "win" excellent Brewers tickets (like right behind home plate!) and it happens to be on our anniversary…

Question of the day….Is it weird that my ex girlfriends sister is going to watch my kids?

5 Responses

  1. Not at all – as long as your other half is ok with it. Happy Anniversary and congrats on winning such great tickets!

  2. even weirder: your ex girlfriend and her partner watching your kids.

  3. see, I don’t find that weird…

  4. Thanks, but it’s funny how I say “I won” something from an auction…I’m not sure why I say winning when I paid like $200 for them…but it feels like winning…thanks for the well wishes…

  5. yeah weird. It’d be like Alexa’s Mom watching MY kids. heck no!

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