My Love/Hate Relationship with Martha

yes, Stewart. I work from home, and in my office I run the television in the background throughout the day. Generally, Regis & Kelly, the View and then Martha comes on. I adore her. She is funny in a dry/witty way. I don’t think she tries to be funny, she just is. And she is crafty.

I am crafty, BUT I suffer from not being able to be crafty unless the whole project can be done from start to finish in…oh…say….5 minutes. I have a whole basement (and attic) of unfinished crafty projects.

I also love holidays and the whole idea of being crafty, and holiday like and creating traditions for the kids. I saw the beautiful Martha Stewart Living mag cover with the dyed eggs and had to buy it. It was filled with recipes and a whole section on egg dying, with vinyl letters and electrical tape. I was IN! It looked SO easy!

This year we tried to dye eggs. That’s right. My kids are 2 and 1 years old.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

I dressed them in clothes I was planning on tossing out anyway…sweatpants three inches too short, white tshirts (thought it would be fun to see how much dye they got on them and have a unintentional dyed shirt). The first egg Carter crushed on the table. It never made it to the dye. The second egg made it into the lovely vat of green dye only to be dumped entirely on his lap. The third egg made it to the ripe old age of lovely yellow only to have Carter crush my finger down into it. Zoe, the one year old, she just wanted to splash her hands in the dye and drink the cup of dye.

I was determined to have my egg dying experience. So today, while the kids were at day care, I boiled my own personal batch of eggs. I had my vinyl letters, my markers, my dye, my electrical tape…my room temperature eggs so the letters would stick (Yeah, Martha doesn’t tell you that part but if your eggs are right from the fridge, the letters won’t stick. And it takes longer than you think for an egg to reach room temp after being in the fridge).

Do I really need a whole blog post to tell you that my eggs DO NOT look like Martha Stewarts eggs?

Martha's eggs

My eggs

Why do I set myself up for these things?

And to top it off…while I have been typing this post, I have forgotten about my frozen meatballs in homemade sauce that I had simmering on the stove…ugh! I need to salvage this too.

Maybe that should be my new middle name….salvage…I seem to do a lot of that in motherhood.


Having one of those weeks…

Have you ever had one of those weeks, those clumsy, half brained weeks?

These are the kinds of things I have done:

  • Turned with a giant knife in my hand and smacked the giant clump of frozen chicken I was about to cut onto the ground. Totally smacked it on the ground like the knife was a tennis racket and the chicken clump, a ball.
  • While cutting the hair pieces out of my daughters hair (yes, cutting them out is a common thing around here…when you have a daughter with AA hair you will understand) I turned around with said scissors and almost poked my son.
  • Accidently let go of the screen door smacking my daughter in the head. I swear sometimes remembering that there is a little, slow, toddling person right behind you just doesn’t sink in.
  • Put same daughter into the carseat, but not before I bonked her head on the top of the car putting her in the seat.

I swear, keeping them alive until they are 18 is really tough. If they aren’t trying to kill themselves by climbing the bookshelves, drinking bath water, sticking things in their mouths, sticking things in outlets, wrapping things around their necks or jumping off things that are high…theres me, half awake…brain drained, swinging knifes, scissors and doors around.

It’s a wonder kids make it…


That's a hula hoop injury

That’s the face I saw when I picked Carter up from day care today. He had a run in with one of his little friends hula hoops at day care today. He seemed completely un-phased by it all by the time I got to him. Which is surprising when you have a mama asking you questions like; “Are you ok? Did it hurt? Did you cry? Did you get an ice pack? Do you need an ice pack now? Ohhh, Boomie are you okaayyyyy? My poor baby…”

His reply, “No mama, no ice pack, Carter play.”

Oh yeah, tomorrow is picture day at school…

last time it was picture day was right after Z first started walking and I thought it was a great idea to put her down on the cement sidewalk and say, “Go baby, go! Be FREEEEEEE!” Yeah, she was free alright, free to fall smack dab on her forehead and face and get road rash.

Gotta love having these moments preserved on film.

Wild Rice & Chicken “soupy” Dinner”

This is the soup my son loves! It’s a total cheater soup, a recipe from Trad*r Joes. In all, it takes maybe 20 minutes to make and makes a ton of soup.

1 Package T.J.’s fully cooked Wild Rice

1 Package T.J.’s Just Chicken

1 Box T.J.’s Chicken Broth

1 Cup diced onion

1 Cup shredded carrots (or a container of the T.J.’s Mirepoix)

1 Package T.J.’s Broccoli flowerets (or lately I have been using frozen broccoli)

1 Pack Goat Cheese

Place chicken broth and onions in saucepan and bring to a boil. Boil 5 minutes and add carrots and broccoli (or if frozen add broccoli a little later) Cook until tender, about 10 minutes. Add rice and chicken (cut into bite size pieces), reduce heat and simmer until rice is heated through. Slice goat cheese and stir into mixture until melted.

Enjoy. I’m telling you it is so good and the easiest thing in the world. I love Trad*r Joes for this recipe and several other easy ones that I make on a regular basis.

Mom – 1, Pickey Eater – 0

I’d take a good eater (my daughter Zoe will eat anything) over a pickey one any day. Oddly enough a soup that I make that some adults probably wouldn’t try my son loves.

My chicken and wild rice with goat cheese soup.
Recipe to follow later.

Spring Awakening

Today the sun poked out from behind the clouds, as for as lousy as I was feeling we seized the opportunity to let the kids ride their bikes for a bit. At the end of the summer last year our neighbor from across the street was cleaning out her garage and gave us a little two wheel bike with training wheels. The thing is practically brand new.

Today we busted it out for Carter, he was over the MOON! And I must say, he was so adorable riding it. My prediction is that by the end of this summer he is riding it without training wheels.

A helping hand

Getting the hang of turning


Learning to take a fall

Who Do You Think You Are?

On Oprah today she had a great show about geneology and a new shoe starting friday called, “Who Do You Think You Are?” where celebs trace their ancestry. It got me thinking more about my children’s ancestry. Every now and then I go back to the medical/family history report that the birthparents filled out with Childrens Services. Everytime I read it I swear I pick up something new.

I started to trace the kids family tree and now I think going as far back as I can might become a new obsession of mine. But then, what do I do with it? I guess it’s one of those things I just hang on to until they are old enough and mature enough to want or handle the info.

So far from what I can tell is that they have 3 other full siblings (besides themselves) and 8 half siblings.

Looks like I would have a lot of tracing to do. And they have all been adopted which means their names are changed.