2010 is my do over year

It’s been 10 weeks since my leg surgery and xrays today show that I have “clinical union” which is not a complete heal but one that is pretty good and on it’s way. That is good news. My leg is no where near where it used to be and may never be the same or even close…which is really shitty…but it is what it is right? I mean, I’m alive and this is what I have been dealt…moving on…

2010 has got to be a better year…this year has sucked so badly. I cannot even begin to list all the crap that has gone down…2010 really needs to look brighter.

Things I want in 2010:
To move to California
To make as much $ or more than I was before, or make the same or less and not work
Adopt Zoe
Be able to legally marry Staci in California
Loose weight
Regain more leg strength, improve with my leg
For Hunter to still be alive
To get a Tattoo at LA Ink by Kat Von D, maybe two
Buy a car…or not…still torn on this one
Read a life altering book
Find a hobby that gets me out of the house once a week
See/Talk to friends more often

Hmmm, what else?????



Adapting…first of all, I do not get this movie, Adaptation. As my partner sits, laughing, talking about how brilliant this movie is…I sit…and am hating this movie. Apparently it is a writing movie, and it’s completely lost on me. What does this say about me? Am I not smart enough? I consider myself a pretty cerebral gal, but this movie is trash.
Adapting…to life at a pace slower than I like to move at. The leg seems to be doing well, I will find out how well Tuesday at my next Orthopedic appointment. But I am walking without aid most of the time and have begun to take a few steps up alternating legs like normal people.
Adapting to life with two children under 3 years of age…this never seems to surprise me. I think daily Staci and I say to ourselves, “Holy Sh*t, we have two kids.” I struggle with what to write sometimes and would love to have a blog that is successful, read by many and I think somedays if I just wrote down funny sh*t my kid says I may just have a winner…then again, maybe it’s only adorable to us.
Today he “read” me a book, he babbled while pointing to words on the pages, pointing…right to left. It was cute. He also said, “I want a Mac.” while pointing to the computer…and joined me in singing, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash…that was hysterical….
I still do not get this movie…
What will inspire me to blog more often? To blog more blog-worthy things? A goal for 2010 is to blog again…”Blog again in 2010!”

I’m still alive and the pity party is almost over…

Ugh, I have been the world’s worst blogger. You would think that since I have been virtually laid up for the past two months I would be blog blog blogging like crazy, that I would have read at least one book…no nothin’! I have been working, I only missed two weeks of work and now work from home, so the commute in the morning from my bed to the desk is 30 seconds and I don’t have to warm up a car…so that’s nice.
Ugh, car…I still need to buy a car. Who has the time? The energy? The money? For sure I am not buying one until we get back from California for the holidays. I cannot wait to get out of Dodge. The fear of slipping and falling on ice and breaking something is paralyzing.

Good news, I can walk with a cane and have actually started walking around the house without anything. It’s not pretty and I am walking with a big limp…but it is a step in the right direction. I have PT twice a week and that seems to be going ok.

It’s another holiday season and again I feel like a shitty mom. I need to get this frickin family in order so we can start these traditions. I feel like every year comes around and we have something that interferes with us having Traditions. I did manage to make a brisket and latkes (from scratch!) last friday for the Sabbath and the first night of Hanukkah. That felt good. I bought this great wooden children’s menorah set for the kids probably before they were born, so they have been putting the little wooden candles and flames in each night. We have not yet had a tree. I put up a little table top tree and the kids love it but I am just not up for the constant battle of telling them to keep their hands off the tree the whole time it would be up. Plus we usually go to California at the end of the year for two weeks so it just seems like a waste. I really cannot wait to move to California so we will just stay put, hunker down and enjoy the damn holidays at home. Not to mention be warm all year round.

The kids school pictures came and they are adorable. I have no idea when Zoe grew into a toddler. She learned to walk and crawl all in the same year. That is crazy. There are times when Carter is doing something, like laying on the bed with his hands folded behind his head watching tv, and he looks so old. I sometimes get a glimpse of what he will look like as a teenager. I remember being so frustrated and tired when he was a baby, or when Z was a baby and thinking, “God, I can’t wait until they can walk…etc” and now I get so sad sometimes that they are no longer “babies”…so fast they grow.

I have made some really good chili, some kick ass meat loaf (Staci said it is likely the best meat loaf she’s ever had) and I hope to bake some goodies this week. And I can get to the basement to do laundry now, I just cannot carry it upstairs when it’s done. So I am able to do things and that has made me feel much better. I still cannot really lift or carry the kids. I can hold them when I am sitting, thank goodness.

So there, I think that about catches me up…hopefully I can blog more often.