This morning I went to feed Gil, my sons Betta fish only to find him missing. How does a fish go AWOL? I did some on the spot CSI work and discovered a dirty spit on the wall behind the dresser… I moved the dresser and found a shriveled up Gil. RIP Gil 2009-2009.

Today I replaced Gil with a goldfish and a frog and my son has no clue ….


Birthday Party Plan

Ok, so I have secured a private room at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum for the kids joint birthday. The plan allows an hour in the private room to do the whole cake thing and unlimited play at the museum. I felt this was WAY better than finding room for the kids to all run around our house. I also have decided that I do NOT want anyone to bring gifts for the kids as Christmas/Hanukkah is right around the corner and they have enough anyway. What I have decided is that I will be asking all guests to bring a brand new pair of Pajamas and a New Book and we will donate all of these things to the Pajama Project. This is a great program that gives pajamas and books to children (mainly kids in foster care) who do not have pajamas or someone to tuck them in at night.


In a Blogging Block…

I was so motivated, I was keeping a book to jot down random blog topics that came to my head that I wanted to blog about…I was eagerly awaiting Carter being official so I could plaster him all over my blog…and now…I have bloggers block. I think it first started when I tried to upload an adorable video of Carter playing with his elephants and it didn't work and was far harder than I think it should be to post a video on a frickin blog. Now I feel like this damn typepad is not the best forum for me…but I liked it's iPhone ap…now what do I do?

Maybe someone can just help me figure out how to upload video for starters…

My creativity may also be squelched because I have another 4 hour conference call in about a half hour…I had one yesterday too…they suck the life out of your brain!

Bday Parties…

I have done it…the thing I didn't want to do ever…I'm combining my kids birthday parties into ONE. The thing is, Grandma Elaine from California is coming for their birthdays so we are having a birthday party for both of them at the Children's Museum. Their birthdays are two weeks apart and Zoe is going to be One and Carter will be Two and I don't think they will be any the wiser at this point that they are sharing a party. The theme, Thomas The Train…which Zoe actually does enjoy…she is always stealing his trains and loves the show. But I can't help but feel a little bad…guilty…I will make a Gluten free cupcake for her special day…my poor gluten free baby…


Away from my babies…

I'm away at work, running a dog camp in Northern Wisconsin. My son is at this stage where I can't really talk to him on the phone when I travel because when I talk to him he gets upset and cries. Kind of a bummer because I cannot hear his cuteness. When he sees a car like mine and I am away he cries a little and points to the car and says, "Momma". Cute!

It's amazing how you can miss hugging a warm little body tightly against you a few times a day.

Side note, Staci was at a foster care seminar and came across a lesbian couple we met at another foster event who have a little african american boy, she exchanged numbers with them this time and during a break Staci pulled them aside and said, "I just wanted you to know that my Partner Anne and I jointly adopted through the foster system." And the woman said, "Ohhhhh THAT's YOU guys? We heard about you. Actually our case worker said to us, "You know that thing you asked me about before? Well ask me again." So aparently they had asked about joint adoption in the past, before our case…and I guess the caseworkers cannot bring our case up because of confidentiality, all adoptions are a closed record. But if they brought up the subject of joint adoption again she could tell them that it is now possible. I do enjoy being a couple that has hopefully helped pave the way for other Gays and Lesbians in Milwaukee to jointly adopt through the foster program. Who knows maybe we now have a new set of lesbian friends we can do mommy things with.


I am thinking of trying this for Carters hair. I have been wanting to experiment with dreds or twisting, but it seems very time consuming and God knows I cannot get that boy to sit still very long.

Open Letter to the Bit_h In Front of us on the Plane…

You had the roomiest spot on the plane that is available in coach…you were in the exit row….you could stretch your legs completely straight in front of you…BUT you thought it was ok to RECLINE your seat? AND THEN have the audacity to be upset when my under two year old toddler kicked at your seat. REALLY? REALLY?!

It's not like I got on a plane with an unruly toddler with nothing to occupy him and let him kick the crap out of your seat.
No, on the contrary my son was pretty decent on the plane…until you shoved your seat in his space making it perfectly available for him to kick.
And lady, I consider it a successful flight if the majority of the plane is happy and cannot feel our presence, I don't give a hoot if your flight sucked…bottom line, you started it you big poopy head!