Choo Choos and Buck a Buck…

We had a fun filled day in East Troy at a tiny, small town Electric train museum. C loved it. He saw several trains and got to ride on them twice…and it was a pretty decent ride as far as length goes. The ride went from the depot to the Elegant Farmer, home of the apple pie in a bag…so we shopped a bit, had some lunch and then headed back. He was so excited and happy he couldn't stop jabbering about all the Choo Choos. I love finding things that get him so excited.

On the way home we tried our hand at some Geo Caching but the kids were sleeping in the van so only one of us could head out to a site at once. We found one today and that is all. But we are excited and determined to try again.

So I love the language explosion that happens at this age. There are words that are clearly mimicked and come out clear and then there are words that are an attempt and then there are words that are alien. C says Banana as "Buck a Buck". We think it's adorable.

Yet Another…and a Funny…

So our Adoption Specialist emailed me tonight saying she is leaving her job effective 6/16. Great! Chalk up another specialist of one sort or another that we have blown through in our 18 months as foster/adoptive parents. I love the work that they do, but MAN we have gone through 5 caseworkers and 2 adoption specialists in our 18 months. So our specialist likely won't even be with us through the adoption and C was her first case to go to TPR. I just want this done with!

Funny kids:
On a funnier note, here is a conversation my 8 year old neighbor girl had with her mom as told by her mom to us. (first of all the topic is Henry and Scooby the neighborhood dogs who live next door to each other but hate each other.) I'll substitute a K for the little girl and a S for her mom.

K: Why can't Henry and Scooby just be friends.
S: They just don't like each other, they are being boys.
K: But boys can be friends.
S: Yes they can but not Henry and Scooby because Scooby doesn't like Henry in his territory.
K: But if they were friends they could have babies.
S: No…not really.
K: But Anne and Staci have C
S: You noticed that C has two mommies huh?
K: Uh huh, sometimes it must be better to have two mommies. And sometimes it would be good to have two daddies.
S: Yup, I think you are right.

Ah, now if adults could just get on board and see things as easily as children.

Switching subjects…I found the most disturbing video on the internet last night…I've seen some nasty things, including the Porsche girl pictures…but watching a video of a baby boy being circumcised made me sick to my stomach and want to cry. Seriously, I am so glad I did not have to make that decision, that C came that way to us because if I would have had to make that decision I think I would have let him wait until he was an adult so he could make that decision himself and at least have anesthetic.

Creepy Faced Trains:
I told myself no. I told everyone in our house no…that there would be no watching of or playing with creepy faced trains (namely Thomas)…and all of the sudden I have a train obsessed toddler…and we have a toothbrush, dish set and yes the train himself…all with the creepy face…I fear it is all downhill from here. I think tomorrow we will go to East Troy to the train museum where you can ride a real train, not a mini zoo train, but a real train. C is going to be besides himself.

Choo Choo!

I’m Glad They Don’t but How Could They Not?

I was perusing through blogs, lesbian mom blogs, and could just feel the love…and all of the sudden I started thinking something I have never really thought before about my children…I felt this overwhelming sadness…thinking "How could anyone NOT want these two kids?"  Seriously, I know that there are things someday we will need to explain, therapies may be needed as adoption always means some loss…someone somewhere had to lose for us to gain. Our kids lost birth parents, part of a culture, etc. But how could you not want these adorable, precious children…I'm saddened and offended at the same time. They ARE worth so much more. They have worth, they have value. How dare someone, not love them. At the same time, we never would have had the chance to love them if they didn't.

Baby Products I Love Part 1…

So today I was out shopping for a few odds and ends for a friend who is having a baby shower and as I read from her registry I thought to myself, “What the heck is she thinking registering for some of these items?” She clearly did not take an experienced mom friend with her and that was a HUGE mistake. That is why I think I should share my baby product knowledge with everyone from now on. God knows I have gone through enough products. Some products I love/tips, in no particular order:

  1. Bumkins bibs ( Odor resistant, water proof, lightweight, AWESOME!
  2. Skip the diaper genie like products, go with the Baby Trends diaper champ. It does not use expensive, hard to find cartridges so you can use any garbage bag. For eco-conscious me, I like to use a recycled garbage bag. It makes me feel better about using my earth killing disposable diapers. Speaking of diapers…
  3. PAMPERS Swaddlers and then Cruisers. Both of my kids have been on Pampers since day one and have NEVER had a single rash on their bottom. And with their sensitive skin that is amazing. Plus fewer leaks, etc. I have friends who have diaper blow outs frequently, not in this house. We have dried may eco diapers and they did not live up to our expectations. PLUS, Pampers has rewards points on the wipes and diapers. You enter the code online to receive gifts. I have already gotten 3 $10 gift cards to BabiesRUs with my rewards. And I started collecting the points late.
  4. Little Giraffe blankets. Expensive, but so soft and worth it. I still have my baby blanket from when I was little. I think certain keepsakes are worth a little extra $.
  5. California Baby skin care products. Natural, organic, gentle…smell great.
  6. The Baby Book by Dr. Sears. Forget the whole “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” Dr. Sears keeps it real and tells it in easy to understand language. Any book by Dr. Sears is a good buy.
  7. Lets talk music. If I am going to have to listen to lullabies, I want it to at least be something good. Two favorites here: Vitamin String Quartete and The Rockabye Baby Series. Vitamin String Quartete is more instrumental versions of hits you love like “Brown Eyed Girl”. Rockabye Baby features “tinked” out versions of classics, my fave…The Cure! Rocking your baby to sleep will never be the same.
  8. Itzbeen baby timer. The first week we had our first child, Carter, we were frantically writing down every diaper change, indicating if it was wet, dry or poo as well as every  ounce drank and sleeping durations. We desperately wanted to find a schedule. Then along came Itzbeen and our life was easier. You simply hit a timer that counts up. There are buttons for diaper, bottle, sleep and medicine. There is a flashlight mode as well as a nursing indicator so nursing moms can remember which breast they last fed with. This device is a life saver. We have one in each of the kids rooms as well as downstairs. We mostly use it for meds now which really helps since we rarely remember  a thing anymore.
  9. Munchkin formula dispensers. For formula fed babies these are a must. And Munchkin makes the better of the models. Sturdy and decent sized portions. Not all dispensers hold enough for more than a 4 oz. bottle.
  10. The No Throw Cup and Bottle holder. Yes, it’s a leash for your toys or bottles/cups. And let me tell you, after the 10th time of picking up your kids cup at the mall or retracing your steps to find said cup at the mall, you will thank me for having this. You simply strap the leash around the toy/cup/bottle and then secure to stroller strap or highchair. They have saved us on the airplane as well, where we all know that if you drop something in mid flight, good luck being able to pick it up again. We simply strap the cup to our sons seatbelt on the plane….oh speaking of plane, remind me to talk about the C.A.R.E.s harness next time.

I can do this…

I CAN do this. I WANT to do this. I WILL do this…THIS being blogging. I used to blog all the time. Heck, I met one of my girlfriends online and had quite a successful relationship. We are still friends. I have more to blog about now being a newish mom and all. Wish me luck!