Splinter Removal…

How to remove a splinter from a toddler's finger: make sure he is very sleepy from all the days events that lead up to said splinter, pop in Bob the Builder, add one tall Thomas the Train tippy of milk…wait until glazed look on face appears…hold down finger, use mommas expensive Tweezerman tweezers and pluck! Not a tear!


Little People Laundry

Granted I cannot figure out how two children produce so much laundry, I just realized I enjoy doing their laundry. It's this reminder that I am blessed with two, tiny and well dressed beings. I love them so. Off to fluff and fold tiny things.

Maybe, Almost Official?

Well, let's try this again…last month we were set to have a "status hearing" with all the mucky mucks at Childrens Court and with the Dept of Child Welfare, our lawyers, the GAL, etc…and it got cancelled…we have been fostering C for 20 months…he has been TPR'd for a year this month..still not adopted. Now, I got word today that we have a new date, July 8th…and that if the stars are aligned maybe the Judge will even do an adoption on that date…maybe…so now our adoption worker is scrambling, and she's new to the case and the bureau for all I know…and isn't sure what all needs to be done but knows it needs to be done fast…ugh! Since we are lesbians our case is doubly fun…as we are trying to do something that has not been done before in our city…I can't even talk about what it is…but it is HUGE…and sadly…it shouldn't even be HUGE…but it is…and we have lawyers, and blah de blah blah…our cheap State adoption (they say to adopt in the foster system it's only like $43 to cover all the paperwork fees at adoption time) has become a long, expensive process…but I do not care as long as that boy is OURS…no her's, not mine…OURS…TWO MOMMIES! Legally and on paper…he's only ever had two mommies, it's all he knows…and he is entitled to it! Keep your fingers crossed…keep them crossed that we keep our date in court and that it is all speedy and in our favor and done with soon…

I want to have a party already! I want a sigh of relief that he is going nowhere…a sigh at least for a minute as his sisters crap is just starting….

How Does it Happen?

So Z is doing great at Gerber finger foods and has moved onto those discusting meat sticks. She was wearing a one piece jumper at dinner…and when I went to change her and put her jammies on I found a bunch of hotdog pieces in her crib, and diaper…how is that possible? Also she crawled today…we tried to bribe her with many lovely toys…what finally worked? A crinkled up piece of paper!

One of the Many Reasons Why I Love Her…

She can't pass up a kid selling Lemonade. She saw two today, one for Limeade for $1.00 and one for Lemonade for 25 cents. The Lemonade had stuff floating in it, she took a drink and said, "Did you make this all by yourself?" the answer was yes to which she said, "Mmm it's delicious." when she got a block away she dumped it.
How sweet is that? Do you stop for lemonade stands?

In Case You Were Wondering…

your toddler CAN eat White Out and live…apparently as horrible as it smells, it is non-toxic…according to Posion Control.

Now you know. 


one missing Thomas the Tank Engine! After what seemed like an eternity, as I was digging around in my daughters bottom dresser drawer, there he was in the sock organizer. So that means the bottom drawer was slightly open when my son hurled him into the abyss. Good shot! And here we thought he ended up in the garbage pail and got mistakenly tossed out with the stinky diapers. Reunited and it feels so good! *breathes sigh of relief*