Funny things they say…

This is where I try to track funny things Carter (and soon Zoe) say that make me smile…

2-8-10: While brushing teeth Carter motions to the toothpaste and says, “More soap” He calls toothpaste soap

2-6-10: (while he was staying in Childrens Hospital and Staci returned to see him again) Staci picked him up and he said, “Ina, Ina…Go Go Go!” He wanted her to bust him out of that joint!

1-23-10: Evening: I was putting lotion on Carter before bed and as I squeezed the tube of lotion is sputtered out…making a a noise. Carter looked at me and said, “No, No Catsup”…it did sound like a catsup bottle sputtering, and I thought it was hilarious that he would make that connection and think I was putting catsup on him.

10-09: At the hair salon as holding a tub of hair product…”I need prawduct.”

10-6-09: As I was rocking Carter he kept dropping his blankie and goofing off, etc. and I finally had it and under my breath said, “Stop screwin’ around…” to which Carter said, “Stop scwewin around…Honey!”

Macaroni = Mack-a-wonie

Obama = Oh Mama


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