UNICEF and their meddling…

What people do not realize is that UNICEF has a lot of power and money therefore all the influence. UNICEF’s position on international adoption is pretty staunchy. The reason countries like Guatemala and China no longer are adopting out is due to UNICEF and their meddling, their want to revamp the Hague conventions instead of just change a few things has led to the complete shut down of adoptions in some areas. Currently in Haiti the US has agreed to do whatever the Haitian govt. wants, and the Haitian govt. is headily influenced by UNICEF, if not bought by them (dirty corruption everywhere). So children are not currently leaving Haiti, even those who are already by all accounts legal US citizens. Meanwhile, children in Canada and France are going home. Why? Because those countries said poo poo to you UNICEF…

Below is the last paragraph taken from UNICEF’s stance on International Adoption…

The case of children separated from their parents and communities during war or natural disasters merits special mention. It cannot be assumed that such children have neither living parents nor relatives. Even if both their parents are dead, the chances of finding living relatives, a community and home to return to after the conflict subsides exist. Thus, such children should not be considered for inter-country adoption, and family tracing should be the priority. This position is shared by UNICEF, UNHCR, the International Confederation of the Red Cross, and international NGOs such as the Save the Children Alliance.

REALLY? Do you think Haiti has or ever had the infrastructure to find these people? Do they realize that these aunts and uncles are poor and likely have children of their own that they can barely feed? Family tracing a priority? They can barely survive right now…and have been that way for quite some time. Families sell their children, some have them live as Restavecs where they live with someone else as a domestic slave to be able to survive.

Is this right? Well, their culture is saved and they are still with “family” so I guess according to UNICEF, sure it’s all good.


How to solve Haitis homing crisis…

The United States biggest export is air, that’s right air shipped in empty containers headed back primarily to Asia. Of the shipping containers that make their way to California alone, only 40 – 50% of them make their way back to where they originate from. This leaves a HUGE influx of empty shipping containers just sitting in container yards. Most often it is cheaper to use a new container then to ship an empty container back to where it originated. There are an estimated 17 MILLION unused shipping containers.

Facts about shipping containers:
Extremely durable
Easily insulated
Easily ventilated
Easily transported
Modular = stackable
Made of metal, which can withstand shaking in an earthquake

Shipping containers like these pile up all over ports

This is a one bedroom, one bath and family room made with 2 20' containers

These could also be used for schools, hospitals and businesses…
What are we waiting for?

More Nudred pics…

Not so sure about this thing yet…let’s see what he looks like when he wakes up tomorrow. The potion is all natural and smells nice but it sort of greasy.

Nudred attempt one

I’m undecided on the Nudreds ability. I think Carters hair on top is too long.

Haiti being lost in the news…

If you go to CNN’s webpage you’ll see that Haiti no longer occupies the whole page, in fact you will have to search and scroll for any news about Haiti. This is a shame! It’s a shame because I do not care about congressmen and their infidelities, I do not care about how much money Ford made, I do not care that the Pope whipped himself (insert funny jokes here). Do NOT forget about them! What I DO care about is that in a country already very difficult to live in people have lost their homes, their limbs. I have a broken leg, and life in America with all of it’s ADA requirements and devices has been very difficult…imagine living in a place with one limb where you may not have crutches…and a walker or wheel chair is not going to do you much good because it’s not like there are paved sidewalks. What I DO care about are children going to bed on the ground with empty bellies and hearts. Children being taken advantage of…predators lurking in the shadows waiting for their opportunity.

Do not forget. Do not let others forget. And keep giving!

Oh Apple how I love thee…

The Apple announcement was/is a big deal in this household…last night I said, “Honey! Guess what tomorrow is?” Staci’s reply, “Wednesday?” Me, yelling louder, “HONEY Guess what tomorrow is?” Staci, laughing, “The State of the Union Address?” Me, not believing how stupid she is at this point, “HONEY!!! GUESSS WHAT TOMORROW IS? YOU suck at this GAME!” Staci, laughing, “I know…it’s the Apple announcement.

So, without too much of a surprise, other than details and the name…the much anticipated iPad was announced. We are a BIG apple house here. I personally have a MacBook, Nano, Shuffle, old G4 and the 2nd Generation iPhone…I don’t really NEED the iPad, but I sort of feel like I have to get it…to add to my collection of techno gadgetry. The kids each have an iPod in their rooms and for when we fly (watching cartoons on a tiny device versus a giant portable dvd player cannot be beat)….Staci has an ancient MacBook, a newer MacBook and the newest MacBook, my old iphone (1st generation, which I still think had the best body), 1st generation Shuffle and iPod…she just texted me and asked me if I was going to get the iPad…after we both agreed in our texting back and forth that we do not need the iPads we said we would both be getting one anyway…it’s a sickness here. Hey, the kids both know how to work our iPhones…did I mention they are 1 and 2 years old? Did I mention that when I enable Genius on my phone it lists preschooler games based on my current downloads…oh Yeah! Peekaboo Barn is a hit in this house.

Funny story, last night I was putting Zoe to bed and Staci was putting Carter to bed…well, she says, “Where is Lua? She is crying, she is trapped somewhere (Lua is our cat)”…I say, I don’t hear her, you must be hearing things…she insists it’s Lua, and now Carter is concerned and partially crying saying, “Where kitty cat?” So now Staci nor Carter can rest until they find out where the crying is coming from…I finally go downstairs and find Lua asleep on the guest bed…Staci says, “I still hear it, there must be a cat outside.” I go outside on the porch and make “here kitty kitty” noises…nothin’….a half hour later, Staci comes downstairs and tells me it was the Peekaboo Barn game in her pocket…a Kitty was in a barn crying…turns out she didn’t stop the game just put it in her pocket. That would explain why she and Carter were the only ones to hear the crying cat. LOL

I do it because I love them…

I have made very few appearances to my kids day care center since my accident. Today I dragged my arse out of the house early to hitch a ride with Staci and the kids to day care to take part in their “Welcome back to school” breakfast to ring in the new semester (they attend day care at the college Staci teaches at so they have semesters). I say “breakfast” loosely because it is always this makeshift, hodge podge of breakfast items like fruit, breads and bagels to toast, breakfast bars etc…but the kicker is that everything is served in dishes that are sterilized so the juice, coffee, etc. always has this hint of bleach taste to it. It’s sort of funny. This time, I brought my own coffee and it made all the difference.

It was the first time I was in Carters new room, he has graduated to the Toddler 3 room. That’s right, my biggie boy is advanced. Today one of his teachers said to me, “He’s a busy boy…” I hear that a lot and I know what that means, I used to say the same thing to parents of they hyper dogs at Doggy Day Care…but that’s one of the reasons he’s in a little bit older classroom…he needs the structure and activity. If left to his own devices he would find a way to unscrew everything in that classroom. It was good to meet his new little friends and see some of his old buddies. He was a little clingy and I have to admit, I liked it a little…so often he is Mr. Independent and it was nice to see he still needed his Mama.