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RIP Gil II and Leap 9-1-09 – 9-2-09

Ahh, the joys of fish. I went out and "replaced" Gil the Beta who committed suicide by jumping out of the fish tank in the night. I replaced him with a "Mickey Mouse" fish which is orange and I figured carter could see him easier (Gil was a dark colored rainbow Beta) and also got some tiny frog that stays tiny (Leap). Well, I even got a little bigger tank, a fake plant and a nice little oriental ornament in the bottom for them to swim through. Leap didn't even make it through the night and the next morning Gil II was dead too. They didn't even make it 24 hours. I may officially be a fish killer…but wait, WAIT!!! I had saltwater fish in college, I did great (minus that Puffer fish I couldn't keep alive)…I even had a clownfish and an anemone. And I can't keep simple, cheap ass fish alive? Maybe it's like my take on sunglasses…I buy expensive sunglasses ($150 – $200) because I never lose them…I take better care of them because they are so expensive..I've had my Ray Bans since 2005! Where as cheap gas station sunglasses I always lose. Maybe I need to go that route with my fish?

One Response

  1. Fish are so boring.
    Get a guinea pig. I have one for you! Her name is Bedhead!

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