Bucket List

Inspired by Casey…in no order:

Get Legally Married
Go to Hawaii
Own a Pure Bred Blue Heeler
Adopt Zoe
Watch Carter & Zoe Graduate College
Watch Carter & Zoe Get Married (or not, whatever they choose)
Lose 50 Pounds
Foster A Gay Teen
Go to Africa
Move to California
Have a Yard with Lemon, Avocado, Lime and Orange Trees
Have a Hobby Farm
Travel to South America
Travel to Machu Picchu
Have an Income Generating Blog so I can Quit My Day Job and Be a Mom
Write a Children’s Book
Get Certified in SCUBA and go somewhere amazing
Sky Dive
Drive in a Demo Derby
Go to the Galapagos
Go to Great Barrier Reef
Go to the MMA
Go to the Smithsonian
Spend a week interning at Wolf Park in Indiana

to be continued…


New Developments

We have a few new things going on around here…
1. We have been playing around with the potty training (potty learning) thing around here, because Carter poos on the potty almost every night. We needed some training hours for our foster license so we attended a Potty Training seminar today and got some more great tips. So today after school we let Carter wear big boy chonies for a few hours before bed. Nothing is cuter than a little toddler running around in chonies. I love it. He thinks it’s pretty cool. Yes, we had a pee on the floor accident, but that is part of the learning.
2. Carter is now at the stage where he is very aware of owies. He is so aware that even a scar is an owie. He is so aware that there are multiple bandaids and kissing of the owies involved. I cannot for the life of me find Thomas the Train bandaids…anyone?
3. We went to the court house and filed for our lame Domestic Partnership today. I say lame because it is no where near equal and I am so bitter that everyone thinks I should be grateful that we at least get “something”…seriously? I was just shocked that a hetero couple needs to do to get “married” is pay $100 and fill out a one page form…in the 5 minutes we were there, 5 couples (hetero) got married. They didn’t even really look like they liked each other. I was like, “uhhh, that’s it? These people are married?” And to top it off, when we got there the clerk was laughing her ass off..why? Because a woman who got married there yesterday had just called wondering how she could get out of the marriage because it “Just wasn’t working out.” Less than 24 hours later. I said, “Can’t they get an annulment?” To which the woman said, “That’s what everyone thinks but you cannot get an annulment unless there was fraud involved.” I digress…our form was 3 pages, we paid $100 and we get 43 rights/benefits…
4. Saturday we have tickets to Joshua Radin (my new fave) in Madison and we have secured Carter & Zoe’s older sisters parents to babysit saturday (she is their full sibling and we are good friends now with her adoptive family and see them once a month at least)…this is going to be a sleepover…their first…and with their sister. How cute is that? I love seeing all three of them together. They are saints for taking our two for a total of three…very brave..

Baby Bumperboats

Weekend Review

Givin' some goats love at the farm

Givin' some goats love at the farm

The weekend started out bleeck (our way of spelling Bleak, a spin on our last name Bleecker) Staci had a class she had to take on saturday from 8 am – 4 pm and I was going to take that opportunity to go visit my folks with the kids but then I found out the Recumbent Stationary Bike I ordered from Amazon (what a deal, free shipping and it came in 4 days!) was going to arrive from 9 am – 2:00 pm…but I convinced my parents to come here instead. Which was good because the bike came and my dad was able to put it together in a jiffy. But Carter was slowly going downhill with this cold he has. His asthma kicked in and he was all wheezy…I tried to get Zoe down for her 10 am nap…just as I did that the damned bike was delivered…so downstairs I run with two kids…try to keep them out of the way…and then help the delivery guys get in the house…I turn around and Carter has locked the screen door (the storm window is closed on the screen door too)…and I am on the front porch and both kids are in the house…I have a mini panic attack…and do a hostage negotiation type maneuver with Carter calmly telling him to turn the knob…trying to make it fun…lucky for me he did…so we get through that…I put Zoe to sleep…all is ok for a bit…she wakes up, and now it is Carters turn to sleep (yeah, they don’t sleep on the same nap schedule, great right?) just as I try to do that…my parents show up…ring the doorbell and the dogs bark, Carter wakes up and is freaking out…gets himself all riled up and then coughs like crazy…annnnnnddddd Barfs all over his crib, the floor, himself…and I am thinking, “Seriously, is this child trying to kill me today?” He cries harder because there is curdled milk vomit all over his feet…now I have to wash his feet, strip the bed, clean the floor, put new sheets on and try to get him back to sleep…

The day seemed to last forever…today was a better day…the kids slept in…a whopping 8 am! Carter felt better. We started out the morning trying him in some big boy underwear for a bit…so while we ran around the house he ran around in his Thomas the Train undies…it was the cutest thing…And then we headed out to the Family Farm in Grafton…it was a cloudless sky day, and there were only abut 4 families at the farm today…it was unheard of! We fed goats, took a hay ride…played on farm equipment, played in a silo and rounded out the day with a trip to Costco…its amazing how much stuff we ended up buying there for the kids. We came home, played with some foam blocks and other interactive toys we bought and then it was bed time. One new thing they had a Costco was frozen veggie puree in tubs like those freezee pops come in…so you can hide puree in things like spaghetti sauce, Mac & Cheese…genius! I have been wanting to do that, but who has time to make damned puree?

We survived another weekend…and I can’t wait until the next one…pictures from the farm to come tomorrow…

Bounce House Crazy

Bounce House Crazy

First official wordpress post

All the previous posts were carried over from my old blog on typepad. I am hoping I like this canvas better. I hope you followed me over if you were a reader on my old site and welcome if you are new! Feel free to leave comments.

I am so over typepad

I am not happy with this blog site…I like my blog but this site is not very user friendly and I cannot figure out how to get videos to upload…I am toying with switching to wordpress but that looks kind of difficult as well…I just want a site that is clean, easy and I can upload from my iPhone, upload pictures and most importantly video… help!

And if I switch, what do I do with all these lovely posts?