Taken for a B Ride

I’ve been taken. Taken for a huge ride. I’ve had my eye on this toy (for lack of a better word since it’s not really a toy and not a craft) for awhile. I’ve seen them on tv in commercials and infomercials. The other day as I was leaving a big box drug store with my purchases the toy caught my eye. It was a valuebox and I thought it would provide hours of fun in the airplane to California for my kids, aged 2 and 3.

This toy, lets call them “bendaboos”…

I am trapped this morning in a hotel suite, we are in town for an 80th birthday party and to find a house to move from Wisconsin to So. California. This am I am trapped in the suite with the kids while my partner meets with the mortgage broker. I thought it would be a great time to bust out my new wonder toy for hours of their enjoyment.

I have basically been taken for a huge ride. Bendaboos are nothing more than wax coated string.

Do not fall for this people! Oh and did i mention it is $20 worth of wax coated string? That was played with for all of two minutes and is now a pile of junk on the hotel floor?


Day Out With Thomas 2010

Day Out With Thomas 2010 the Celebration Tour! Thomas’s 65th Birthday

Our son has been into Thomas the Tank Engine since he was a little over 1 year old. Last year I found out about Day Out With Thomas (DOWT) after the fact and we were crushed. Well, this year I jumped on the opportunity. For those of you not in the know, DOWT is an event where an actual Thomas the Train, life sized, real working engine makes stops at area railroad stations and museums for a week long event. For a measly $18 (kids under 2 free!) you get to ride in a train car pulled by Thomas. You get your picture taken with Thomas and there are tons of other fun Thomas and train activities to do.

Whoever thought of this idea is a God! Imagine, having a literary character you love come to life! Thomas is about so much more than the toys and videos. Thomas started as a story between a father and a son. This grew into published books, then a video series, then wholesome wooden toy trains…

Thomas is void of violence. Thomas is now being used for children with autism, as they learn about feelings and emotions by watching the emotions on the different trains faces as they learn to identify what those faces mean.

Thomas is filled with great storylines about being a good friend. And I use some of the other phrases heard over and over again to motivate my son:

“Be on track and on time” helps to get him going

“You’re a very useful engine” gets him to help put toys away, help his sister, help us…

The day was beautiful. When the kids saw Thomas Zoe lost her mind, Carter just was blank in the face…it was all too much for him to comprehend as he tried to take it in. I was surprised at my own reaction as I choked back tears. Tears knowing what a special day this was for him, tears knowing how much we have gone through to have this special little boy we can give opportunities like this to. Tears for every little kid who was seeing their shiny, blue friend.

Think back to footage you have seen of teenagers loosing their minds, fainting when they saw the Beatles…now picture nearly the same thing with a bunch of toddlers over a blue engine with a cheeky smile.

I know he may not remember this early memory forever (although we do plan to go again) but so far, he has talked about it every day since.

We Have a New Baby in the House

We said we wouldn’t do it. We tried to resist.

Bitty Baby...the end of feminism as we know her...

As much as we did not want our daughter to have “gender specific” toys…Bitty Baby won out. Her little friend next door has one and Zoe took one look at the catalog and started kissing and hugging the pictures of the babies. When grandma wanted to get her one, how could I say no. Plus, where else do you get to pick a doll that has your skin, hair and eye color?

New Uses for Decorative Bowls

Tell me your homes have decorative bowls of confiscated and forbidden items on the mantle.

I crack up every time another article makes it into one of these bowls on the mantle. To qualify to make it to the bowl you have to be:

  • thrown
  • put in mouth and “a chokable”
  • unsafe
  • sharp
  • medicine
  • or something that just needs a “time out”

At one time one of the bowls housed desert sage and the other, seasonal candies. Now as you can maybe decipher from the pictures they are currently home to:

Bowl #1 houses:

  • Wooden bead necklace that was being swung around like a nun chuck
  • Cat toy that was being chewed on, not by a cat
  • Choke hazard toy measuring device
  • Magnets
  • Oral Gel
  • Cars pieces that are way to small
  • Nail clippers
  • Thermometer

Bowl #2 houses:

  • Two bundles of desert sage
  • Lip Balm
  • Anti-itch cream
  • Two Pez dispensers (Mini Mouse & Pooh)
  • Pez refils
  • Ping Pong ball
  • Mrs. Potato heads ear ring

When in doubt, if you cannot find something…check the bowls on the mantles.

Elephant Madness

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one missing Thomas the Tank Engine! After what seemed like an eternity, as I was digging around in my daughters bottom dresser drawer, there he was in the sock organizer. So that means the bottom drawer was slightly open when my son hurled him into the abyss. Good shot! And here we thought he ended up in the garbage pail and got mistakenly tossed out with the stinky diapers. Reunited and it feels so good! *breathes sigh of relief*

Toddler Addicted to Thomas

I am dedicated…yesterday I bought a set of Thomas sippy cups, we have plenty of sippy cups but I could imagine the joy on his face when he would see the Thomas cups so how could I resist. Sure enough, when he came home from school, I filled it with milk and and handed it to him…oh the smile…well tonight when he went to bed and it was time to take his cup from him he said, "no, no"…he didn't want the cup because he wanted milk, he started hugging the milk…kissing the cup…saying in this sweet voice, "no, no"…so tonight I started my internet search for a soft, plush thomas that he can take to bed with him…easy right? Hell no!

Turns out the damned thing exists but is being discontinued…I found it on many sites but it was sold out…I finally tracked it down and now I eagerly await his arrival!