“an alarm will sound if opened”

Today, prior to some Halloween festivities we took our kids to an indoor Children’s gym to run some crazies off. We’ve been to this gym upwards of 10 times. Today my son opened the door marked, “an alarm will sound if opened”…and the alarm sounded and it was mortifying and it took three people to make the crazy noise stop.
We gave him a time out and explained that when that door opens grown ups get scared. We also made him apologize to the owner. He was very afraid to do so but did.

An hour later my daughter opened the same door. I couldn’t get over it! They never touch that door! I made her have a time out and apologize as well.

Fast forward to this evening, I’m telling a friend about what the kids did. And how they never touch that door…

And my partner confesses they have done this before, when she has taken them without me to this place.

what? Seriously?


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