Ok, ok, so this may be the sickest post I have ever posted.

Yes, I have erased my child’s face…just to prove a point.

Periodically I leave Zoe’s hair down and natural. It is beautiful, so beautiful in fact, my partner and I joke before going out in public and ask each other, “Do you want an average day of compliments or do you want an over the top day?” Over the top means we are goin’ natural. Meaning, every white woman we come into contact with, as well as every white man, will GUSH over Zoe’s hair and how beautiful and healthy and stunning it is.


I will run into judgement when I enter the black community. Case in point, the mall…

I felt judged by every black woman I passed at the mall this weekend with Zoe and her natural hair. I hear the whispers. I hear the comments they make to each other about me, “THAT baby’s hair ought to be in BRAIDS!”

And I ask, WHY?

Naturally beautiful


4 Responses

  1. I can relate. I do understand that there are white mom’s of Black daughter’s who make little effort. But well cared for natural hair is beautiful!

    I kept my daughter’s hair natural until her early teens with braids and other natural styles. I always heard how she needed a perm even as a preschooler.

    My younger daughter came to me at ten and had had perms since preschool.

    I love the natural hair, but my girls have been influenced by the pressure and want perms and weaves.

  2. I think that u are only feeling that way because we do allow our children also to go out with their hair that way. also if the child is mix there is no problem.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog and have to say that her hair is gorgeous!! Braids are nice, but natural is better 🙂

  4. Hi! Saw you on BlogHer and have enjoyed reading your blog.

    As to the “why”? It isn’t that women of color don’t know the beauty of our natural hair. More than most ethnicities, our hair runs the gamut of tight soft curl pattern to loose-n-carefree or vice versa.

    The comments you hear not so sotto voce are learned responses from both those who aren’t Black (and unfortunately believed by some People of Color as well) with assumptions that African-American hair is coarse, brittle and unclean.

    Though not spoken in a vacuum, the comments are totally unfair to you and your daughter…and I hope her loving mothers style it any way they see fit. 😉

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