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What Would You Do?

Here’s a little game I like to play from time to time called, “What Would You Do?”
All completely hypothetical (wink wink)…

Todays, WWYD…

What would you do if your foster daughter came home from a visit with her birth mom (first visit in over a month).

And your daughter is 18 months old…

And it is 36 degrees out and snowing…

That's right size 4! Reminder daughter is 18 months old

Reminder today in Wisconsin it is 36 degrees and snowing

5 Responses

  1. Where are the clothes she LEFT in? Why would she even change her clothes? Give me a break. Just because the calender says April doesn’t mean it’s warm out. (well, we’re in WI. It’s NEVER warm in April for more than a day or two.)

  2. What would I do???? Take pictures and keep them on file, tell my baby she looks beautiful, and when she’s not looking, give her B.M. the Evil Eye, probably run outside when it was safe and break a few things.

    What did you do?

  3. yeah, WHAT DID YOU DO?

  4. Well, after I made some choice comments to my partner…I emailed my case worker with photos of the clothing as well as called the children’s GAL to document this all. The caseworker emailed back basically confirming what I said that BM can clearly not make appropriate clothing decisions. Just another example of BM not getting it. Just a day in the life of a foster/adopt parent. Thanks for the comments guys!
    Oh, she changed her clothes because they were damp from her spilled milk. Damp to me is better than exposed skin, plus she was damp on her pants where her diaper was so the dampness never would have even touched her skin.


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