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Happy Spring



Look at that face!

Carter calls this the Butterfly

It’s an unseasonal 79 degrees here in Wisconsin and everyone is itching to be out and about. Last night I took Zoe for a long walk pushing her little car thing and she was right out of “Driving Ms Daisy” she waved and said “Hi” to every dog out for a stroll all while clutching her pine cone she found. The kids ate pizza dinner on the front porch and played outside until 7:00 pm. That’s usually when Zoe goes to bed. But, it was too beautiful out.

Over the weekend we had two egg hunts. One was at the park across the street from us. It was great, the kids got to see their friend Isa and their bio sister who is three, Alia. They are all so cute together, holding hands…priceless!

Carter did just as suspected for the first egg hunt…the Easter Bunny motioned the start and he ran….and ran…and ran…that’s right, while all the other kids ran until they reached a pile of hay with eggs hidden in them….my son just ran. It was hilarious! I had to guard a pile for him and motion for him to come back. Our kids really don’t eat candy anyway, but the hunt is fun.

Then on Sunday our friend had an egg hunt in her massive backyard. This time he got the hang of it. He really wasn’t himself and eventually ended up tossing his cookies all over the back patio. After that he felt great. But him barfing is usually the first sign that his asthma is going to flare…and sure enough, he had to skip school monday because he could hardly breathe. I diverted the ER visit by getting an appointment with the Dr. and after he got some oral steroids we were on our way to breathing better. I am starting to get a better idea of when he is going to be in trouble and what it will take to turn him around. But all the seasonal crap in the air triggers his asthma.

Tonight we are picking the kids up early from school and heading to the lake to have a picnic dinner, ride bikes and maybe fly kites. FUN! Tomorrow I took a sick day and we are going to spend it at the zoo. We figure all the sinners will be in church so we are cleared for the zoo 😉 And then who knows what on Saturday and then Sunday to grandmas for Easter BBQ chicken on the grill!


2 Responses

  1. I guess allergies are going to be really bad this season. Does Carter have allergies? Finn has been wheezing all week. It doesn’t help he rolls around on the carpet with the dogs though either. I’m the same way. I can tell when we’re in trouble (or going to be) and can usually head it off before we end up in the ER. Good luck!

  2. He appears to have allergies and that is what the Dr attributed his last asthma bout with. We give him Claritin and that helps a bit. It seems it will be an ongoing thing with him, he has a family history of it…but we all have it in our house. I just hope it doesn’t get in the way of sports for him.

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