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My Love/Hate Relationship with Martha

yes, Stewart. I work from home, and in my office I run the television in the background throughout the day. Generally, Regis & Kelly, the View and then Martha comes on. I adore her. She is funny in a dry/witty way. I don’t think she tries to be funny, she just is. And she is crafty.

I am crafty, BUT I suffer from not being able to be crafty unless the whole project can be done from start to finish in…oh…say….5 minutes. I have a whole basement (and attic) of unfinished crafty projects.

I also love holidays and the whole idea of being crafty, and holiday like and creating traditions for the kids. I saw the beautiful Martha Stewart Living mag cover with the dyed eggs and had to buy it. It was filled with recipes and a whole section on egg dying, with vinyl letters and electrical tape. I was IN! It looked SO easy!

This year we tried to dye eggs. That’s right. My kids are 2 and 1 years old.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

I dressed them in clothes I was planning on tossing out anyway…sweatpants three inches too short, white tshirts (thought it would be fun to see how much dye they got on them and have a unintentional dyed shirt). The first egg Carter crushed on the table. It never made it to the dye. The second egg made it into the lovely vat of green dye only to be dumped entirely on his lap. The third egg made it to the ripe old age of lovely yellow only to have Carter crush my finger down into it. Zoe, the one year old, she just wanted to splash her hands in the dye and drink the cup of dye.

I was determined to have my egg dying experience. So today, while the kids were at day care, I boiled my own personal batch of eggs. I had my vinyl letters, my markers, my dye, my electrical tape…my room temperature eggs so the letters would stick (Yeah, Martha doesn’t tell you that part but if your eggs are right from the fridge, the letters won’t stick. And it takes longer than you think for an egg to reach room temp after being in the fridge).

Do I really need a whole blog post to tell you that my eggs DO NOT look like Martha Stewarts eggs?

Martha's eggs

My eggs

Why do I set myself up for these things?

And to top it off…while I have been typing this post, I have forgotten about my frozen meatballs in homemade sauce that I had simmering on the stove…ugh! I need to salvage this too.

Maybe that should be my new middle name….salvage…I seem to do a lot of that in motherhood.

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  1. Sorry in advance for the positioning of this message…ya gotta love Martha!

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