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Having one of those weeks…

Have you ever had one of those weeks, those clumsy, half brained weeks?

These are the kinds of things I have done:

  • Turned with a giant knife in my hand and smacked the giant clump of frozen chicken I was about to cut onto the ground. Totally smacked it on the ground like the knife was a tennis racket and the chicken clump, a ball.
  • While cutting the hair pieces out of my daughters hair (yes, cutting them out is a common thing around here…when you have a daughter with AA hair you will understand) I turned around with said scissors and almost poked my son.
  • Accidently let go of the screen door smacking my daughter in the head. I swear sometimes remembering that there is a little, slow, toddling person right behind you just doesn’t sink in.
  • Put same daughter into the carseat, but not before I bonked her head on the top of the car putting her in the seat.

I swear, keeping them alive until they are 18 is really tough. If they aren’t trying to kill themselves by climbing the bookshelves, drinking bath water, sticking things in their mouths, sticking things in outlets, wrapping things around their necks or jumping off things that are high…theres me, half awake…brain drained, swinging knifes, scissors and doors around.

It’s a wonder kids make it…

3 Responses

  1. I’ve had one of those weeks! Yes,indeed. I thought it had something to do with St. Patrick’s day. (You know,luck of the Irish, but I’m not Irish, so the opposite happens!)

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. You make me laugh! Just remember: what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger…and they are TOUGH little buggers, aren’t they? Mine have survived ME so far, one all the way up to age 19. One down, two to go. (ages 4 and 8) . BTY I found you on MBC…come check out my blog if you like.
    www. thepaperdime.com

  3. oops… that’s ages 4 and 8, not 4 and smiley face.

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