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That's a hula hoop injury

That’s the face I saw when I picked Carter up from day care today. He had a run in with one of his little friends hula hoops at day care today. He seemed completely un-phased by it all by the time I got to him. Which is surprising when you have a mama asking you questions like; “Are you ok? Did it hurt? Did you cry? Did you get an ice pack? Do you need an ice pack now? Ohhh, Boomie are you okaayyyyy? My poor baby…”

His reply, “No mama, no ice pack, Carter play.”

Oh yeah, tomorrow is picture day at school…

last time it was picture day was right after Z first started walking and I thought it was a great idea to put her down on the cement sidewalk and say, “Go baby, go! Be FREEEEEEE!” Yeah, she was free alright, free to fall smack dab on her forehead and face and get road rash.

Gotta love having these moments preserved on film.

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  1. oh wow! poor little guy! hope he is all better now! … found you via MBC!

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