Weekend Recap

We had a jam-packed weekend. Saturday we had a little friends birthday party to go to. Mama’s birthday to celebrate. And Grandma and Grandpa California were supposed to fly in for a week-long visit but their flight got cancelled and now it seems flights to Milwaukee from LAX are impossible to get for the next week. Big, Huge Bummer! And now we have lots of extra cake to polish off by ourselves.

Sunday we headed to temple for a Purim carnival and Shpiel (skit like thing). I was excited because Carter loves singing and dancing and music. Well, they had all the prizes for the carnival games out front, he saw cars were there and that was all he could think of for the next half hour. We were able to get him to sit for about 3.5 minutes and then the whining began, and we got “the look” from an old Jewish lady…the look old ladies give us on the plane. What is it with old people?  You would think they have been there, done that…but it turns out you get cranky towards children who make noise when you are old. I know, I know, it’s a generalization…but I’m just sayin’…the carnival games were fun. Turns out Carter is a champ at carnival games…so if college does not pan out for him at least I know he can always hit the carnival circuit and win some fuzzy dice and mirrors to keep him going.

Carnival game master

The director of the temple made sure to tell each family with adopted black kids to find us. It was really nice, and the other parents with black adoptees were so excited to meet the kids. It’s kind of like a special little club…as we were equally enamoured by their kids and one couple even gave us their digits…so we can get together. In all my excitement of feeling accepted and diverse I almost ran up to two men I thought for sure were a gay couple…boy was I wrong (or was I?) and I am so glad I held back. Talk about embarrassing. But seriously, the guys wife has no idea he is gay. I’m just sayin’.

We then headed out to Babies R Expensive to get a toddler bed as I had a special 20% off coupon that was only good through today. We came home, out it together and right now my little boy is sleeping in his new “big boy” bed. It might very well be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Trying out the "big boy" bed before bed time

We rounded out the night with Z having the gross explosive vomiting that Carter had last week, thank goodness she did it at home and not in the car, store or temple. And then she seemed to be a new person, laughing, running and playing. HOW do toddlers do that? If I would have puked the way she did I would be in bed for the rest of the night. But, I guess if you are a toddler you barf and carry on!

I have a few ideas for posts in my head that I may have to post about…so there may be a few more posts coming up.


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