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Mama’s Birthday

Today is my birthday and I was awaken by Carter and Zoe singing “Appy Bird-day to ewww”, mostly from Carter, Zoe has the tune but not the words. Adorable! Mellow day planned, just finished my birthday cleaning of the quest room/office for Grandma and Grandpa California to sleep in. They arrive tonight for a week long stay. The kids will be off the charts hyper when they arrive, which is right around bedtime, so things will be off kilter around here. This afternoon we have a birthday party for Isabelle, the granddaughter of the next door neighbor. So that will be energy packed I’m sure. But it does have the advantages of being right next door.

And then I have the big decision between red velvet (my favorite) birthday cake or marble, as Staci bought a small one of both for my birthday. You know you are a mom when you buy Car’s candles for  your own birthday cake, to make it special for your kids too.

Wow, have my birthdays changed.

Appy Bird-day to meeeeeeee!


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  1. Your kids are so sweet and cute singing you a happy birthday. Enjoy your day! Happy birthday to you. 🙂

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