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To Toddler Bed or Not, That is the Question

Carter is 28 months old and has been sleeping with the guardrail of his crib down for the past two months. We keep the rail down because he had a scary incident while trying to climb out of the crib where his foot got caught, he was half over the rail and just barely holding on, balancing himself on the top of the rail. We didn’t go check on him, because it is not uncommon for him to cry when he does not want to go to sleep…well, we checked on him to find that he was growing tired of trying to hang on while his foot was caught. We figured we would make climbing out easier so he would not hurt himself. He has not tried to climb out since.

Now we are toying with the idea of getting him a toddler bed. Part of me would love to give him a little more freedom and space. The other part of me thinks he would get up and play whenever he felt like it, and find all kinds of trouble that we don’t know exists in his room.

When did you switch your kids to a toddler bed? What was the outcome?


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  1. I co-slept with my kiddos until they were 2. My oldest moved into his own room when there just wasn’t enough room for him and his sister both anymore. He was ready for it – he wanted to sleep in the big-boy bed and have room to himself. Took about three nights to transition and then we were set. We were lucky. 🙂

    We kept the routine mostly the same, adding in the bedtime story. We had about a half-hour to forty-five minute wind-down period at the end of the day where we just spent time connecting and feeling safe. Anytime he wanted to come into bed with me, he could, though usually I put him back in his own bed after a while. And he stayed there on his own.

    I think the key for us was the amount of transition time and leaving the ultimate choice up to him. for a couple of months before he actually made it his own bed, he was given the choice of where he wanted to sleep for naps and bedtime, and one day he just started choosing his own bed all the time. Sometimes he would only want to sleep in his bed if I laid down with him, and in the beginning, I did indulge that a few times.

    With my daughter, she just decided once her dad moved out of the house that she was going to share a room with her brother. They decided together, rather. As I was told, “Now that Daddy’s gone, we need to be together so we don’t get lonely and sad.”

    Smart kids.

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