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It’s Really Hard Not to Laugh

at moments when I am parenting. When I am trying my best to be serious he does something that makes me have to stifle the giggles.

Lately we are battling with Carter (28 months) because he is doing a lot of defiant behavior. He is acting impulsively, kicking, throwing, not listening in general. It’s likely negative attention seeking since his sister is becoming more interactive and therefore getting more attention. Or this could just be the terrible twos. He is doing this at Day Care and we are certainly getting our moneys worth there! They have told us they have stopped saying his name when he does something and instead go to him and talk to him…that eliminates the, “Carter, Carter, Carter, CAR-TER, put the toy down, no throwing…etc.” So we have started doing that here too.

Last night Carter throws his toy. I watch Supernanny…how hard can this all be if I am consistent right? So I grab him, redirect, pull him close to me, get on his level and say, “Carter look at mama.” He looks at me for a second, we are face to face. And then I start going into the song and dance about how we don’t throw, it’s not ok, it hurts mama when you hurl a monster truck at her shin, etc. And he starts rolling his eyes all over the place. I say, “Carter look at mama.” He looks far left, far right, up down, swirls his eyeballs around his head. With a giant grin on his face.

Outwardly, I have cool, calm, assertive energy.

Inside I am laughing my ass off!

One Response

  1. Haha, cute! When my oldest started doing that, I would “trick” him into looking at me – “Hey, dude, what color is my nose?” Worked every single time – like he expected it to have changed or something. Always good for a laugh. 🙂

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