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Temple tour

My how fast the day went….

Got the kids off to day care and then Staci and I headed to the temple for a tour. I had NO idea how expensive it was to join a congregation. They are super nice, the place is beautiful and we feel very comfortable there. I asked how many African American kids there are in the congregation and they mentioned several, and several adoptive families. They also have interfaith couples as well as partnered couples. Now we just have to find a way to fund it. Maybe grandma can pitch in. There is a Purim carnival this weekend that grandma will actually be in town for (Grandma is flying in from California for a week long visit this saturday) it should be fun. We bought our first Kiddush cup and Matzah cover. We have a lot to learn. Now I am the only one in our household without a Hebrew name…I am having flashbacks to when I came out of the closet and started playing on the Lesbian Softball league and was the only one without a nickname.

As we were leaving the temple our friend Kevin called, he was calling for another pep talk as they had an appointment with the Judge for their adoption case today and as we talked I realized we just drove past him. So we drove to his house and chilled with him for a bit, played with their new son, who is getting so big already! I have to admit, I enjoy stopping into my gay male friends homes who now have children and LOVE seeing baby crap all over their homes. I walk in, throw my hands in the air, giggle and say, “I LOVE that YOUR immaculate, well decorated house is trashed!” There is some sort of comfort I take in seeing all of their things shoved to the side, replaced by baby stuff and baskets of clean laundry unfolded in the living room. That NEVER would have happened before the baby.

I then shopped for a few things to make Hamentashen cookies and a Butternut squash lasagna for dinner. I was really concerned while I was making it because it was not coming together easily. The noodles were shifting all over the place, the cheese/butternut mixture did not seem to cover everything it needed to cover. I was just about to lose my mind. Thinking, “Why would I even try this?” BUT it turned out to be really good, and I even tweaked the recipe a bit. Carter decided to have a dinner that consisted of one strawberry and a handful of croutons. His eating drives me crazy. But his growth seems ok according to the Dr. and he is finally starting to grow taller, just out of the blue all his pants are high waters.

Happy to see that the latest set of news making Haitian orphans have been released and are heading home tomorrow. Good news!


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I answered your questions on the blog today…

    Thanks for playing!

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