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First Day at Temple

Today started out great and ended exhausting. We were very excited because today we were going to temple for the first time. We have our official tour tuesday to see if we want to become members, but that is more of a technicality as we are pretty sure it is what we want to do. But they have this thing called, “Babies, Bagels and Books” once a month and we wanted to catch this one this month right away. So we all dressed fairly decent, meaning no jeans. The kids were adorable as usual and we headed out to Fox Point. We had never been inside the temple so we just followed the sound of childrens voices and then some friendly people could gather that we were new by our aimless stares and pointed us in the right direction. The place is beautiful. And there was a big turn out for this session. We were greeted by the program director and the Rabbi. I’d love to say Carter was on his best behavior but that would be a lie. He was the most rambunctious one there, of course. But there were things to nosh on, bagels…and hat shaped (triangle) cookies called, Hamantaschen for Purim. The cookies were yummy and I think I will make some with Carter this weekend. The Rabbi read the story of Purim to the kids, gave them all a grogger (noisemaker used to drown out the name “Haman”…all a Purim thing) and then there was singing with someone who played a guitar. So music + noisemakers = a good time to Carter. But whoever thought it was a good idea to give a bunch of children under 3 a wooden noisemaker to swing around might want to rethink it next year.

Carter thrilled with his grogger

Carter cannot get enough of that guitar. We bought him one on the way home.

We did feel welcome and are very excited to go back. There is a bunch of carnival stuff for Purim next weekend, so maybe we will go to that. I just have to find a way to get Carter to calm down, he is so used to participating in activities that are busy. But I guess that is what this class is really about anyway, it’s training for little kids to sit still through a service. It is also like “Jewish for Dummies” as I learned a ton and Staci mentioned that she has forgotten so much and it was a good refresher today.

Then we went to Costco for Pajamas for the kids and snacks…on the way home we swung by Target across the street. As we were leaving Costco, Carter was not acting himself and we just figured he was tired since it was his nap time. As we pulled into Target he started vomiting that scary kind of vomit where they just are not even breathing. We pulled into the parking lot, stripped him down (thank goodness we had just bought PJ’s and tracksuits) gave him an impromptu baby wipes bath and changed him into his PJ’s. The carseat was discusting, it was on the straps, inside nooks and crannies. It was not cleanable with what I had. So we ran into Target and bought a cheap carseat to make it back home. Carseat is now clean, I hosed it off in the shower (when you have kids you get rid of your nice Kohler fixtures and install a handheld shower head for these types of reasons!). All vomit clothing is now washed. Carter proceeded to then have explosive poo. But then he felt fine. Then the dog peed in the living room. It was a day of cleaning up a lot of bodily messes. But we made it out unscathed.

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