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Hey readers! I am so excited, in the past two days my readership has shot up (thanks mostly to my link to Rage Against the Minivan’s site) but NO comments! It’s good to know people are reading, but where is the love? Come on people, say, Hi, relate…debate…whatever…I won’t bite.

Not much going on here. Busy day schlepping around kids and pets to appointments in the past two days. Now that we are down to one car that puts a kink in things. Still very do-able though. Tonight I was putting Carters PJ’s on and ended up putting both legs in the same leg of his PJ’s…I swear I do that all the time and then it cracks my ass up…so we are all quiet, ready to go to bed and then I am laughing hysterically. That happens more than I’d like too, me laughing not able to “be the adult.” I can’t help it, he says something that is just funny. For example:

Tonight I was reading the “What to Expect…the Toddler Years” book and checking in on milestones…to which I start quizzing Carter.

Book: “Should be able to identify two colors”

Me: “Carter, Carter (he’s watching a movie and playing with his Cars), Carter! What color is this (me, pointing to the couch)”

Carter: “Couch, color” (I finally did get the color out of him, but it took quite a bit)

Book: “Can balance on one foot for 2 seconds.”

Me: “Carter, Carter, can you balance on one foot? Carter balance on one foot. Show mama how you can balance on one foot.”

Carter: “One minute.”

Me: Laughing “Did you just say ‘one minute’ to me?” me laughing more

Carter: “Mama! NOT funny!”

Me: Laughing even more and finally giving up on the milestones for the night.

Tomorrow we will probably head to the indoor play gym place we have discovered. They have playground equipment and trikes and balls and space! It’s great to get their energy out.

AND then sunday we are going to Bagels, Books and Babies at the Congregation Shalom. We don’t have our official tour of the temple until Tuesday but I spoke to the director and they said we can come Sunday for the kids event. They only have this event once a month so I didn’t want to wait a whole month to take them. It’s singing, and noshing and kid fun with the Jewish theme.  It’s very close to Purim so it will probably center around that. Which of the Jewish holidays is a pretty feel good one. Good place to start. BUT I am super nervous. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I told Staci and she asked “why?” I said, well, “What if they do not like us?’ It’s supposed to be very reform and diverse and accepting, hence why were are thinking of this temple. I don’t know, there’s just something about walking in, two lesbians with our adopted black kids that makes me feel like I am going to be judged. It’s sad…and I really hope that is not the case. Either way, we are going for it! Wish us luck, because I really want to get involved in something that makes me feel like we are making a difference somewhere and really want a sense of community that the temple can provide.


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  1. mama, NOT funny–that’s too funny.

    i do wish you luck. i saw a local special on pbs about the gay community in pittsburgh, and one mom recounted a tale that broke my heart: she and her partner and kids were moving to the area, and they called about seven churches to ask if their family would be welcome, and 6/7 said no!

    what the hell is a church for if not to welcome people with the love of God? may you find that there:)


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