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The Children’s Court System Blows…


So, Staci takes off of work today, which for a college professor is not easy to do. We pack up our laptops, snacks, etc. and get prepared to hunker down for a long LONG day at Children’s Court, as you never know when you will get called, even though your stuff says 10:00 am. We get there, do some searching for which courtroom we belong in front of, I ask the lovely lady who you know had a crappy job and has to deal with crappy people asking her dumb questions all day long, if we are scheduled in this courtroom. She recalls the name from last week, Yes I tell her, there was a pre-trial last week. She then tells me the Jury Trail was rescheduled for May….MAY! No one told us! This by the way, is the third time court has been rescheduled!

This has it’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • Mom has more time to screw up, miss visits, etc.
  • We don’t have to think about it right now.
  • It will make the 2 year mark closer (children in foster care have to have permanency by 2 years).


  • We want to move to California and cannot do this until Zoe is officially ours.
  • The waiting is painful.
  • Technically gives mom more time to get her crap together.

So  much of me is so angry with this system. I get so angry because it is so painfully close to my heart. I get angry because children are involved. I say to Staci that so much of me wants to wash my hands of this system completely once this is all over…the other part of me feels like I need to stay involved to try to make a difference. What to do?

For now, breathe in…breathe out…repeat…

2 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness, can I relate to this. We had the same thing happen SO MANY TIMES when we adopted from fostercare. It was unbelievably disrespectful. We would take off work, hire babysitters, drive for two hours, and then be told, whoops! We forgot to call you! I would want to punch someone. I am so sorry. The waiting is so painful.

  2. Thanks for sharing my pain! It’s really hard not to be bitter. Especially when birthmom is late or rarely makes appointments and she doesn’t even work. Then here we are, taking off of work or working from a court lobby…frustrating all around.

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