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Nestled all snug in their beds…

Had a great day.

Started out by having some Banana bread that I baked last  night and also made some Bacon & Egg baskets (bacon wrapped in the inside of a muffin tin and then you add egg and bake in over) and coffee. Such an easy breakfast and yummy. I could see making this for a large group of people since you can make two full muffin tins full at a time. We then took the kids to get new shoes ($56 for a pair of kids shoes is crazy but we feel their feet are a priority) and then met a friend and her daughter for a play date at this big indoor play place that just opened up. It is such a great concept, especially for us people freezing our buns off in Wisconsin all winter. It basically has everything you could have in your backyard, like giant play climbers, balls, basketball hoops, tunnels and trikes! It was such a good outlet to let our two blow off some steam. They passed out in the car on the way home and I got to stop at the craft store, pet store and grocery store all while Staci stayed in the car with sleeping tots.

Craft project #1: Make skid proof socks for the kids by applying puffy paint to the bottoms of some socks! Great idea right? Especially since this play place we go to has a no shoe policy and the floor is slippery, as are the slides etc. They need grippers.

Craft project #2: Take the kids piled up art work and make a collage on a giant piece of canvas and paste it all on there with Modge Podge. Instant art!

Craft project #3: Get going on Zoes scrapbooks so she does not need therapy over it when she is a teen.

The kids are sleeping, I am surfing…and debating if I want to buy more childrens sized cloth napkins or try to  make some myself with my sewing machine…


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