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Surviving staying home with a sick child…

Oh, No…I’m not writing this as a “how to” don’t even think that I have this figured out. No, this is just a post on me actually surviving today with a sick child. Carter came home from Childrens Hospital last night and was prescribed oral steriods, antibiotics and his usual albuterol for his nebulizer…let me tell you that a two year old on oral steriods AND albuterol is a recipe for HYPER…seriously he is like this little crack junkie. He is all jittery, shakey, cannot make a decision to save his life. There was quite a bit of toy throwing, truck and car crashing and redirecting. Did I mention redirecting?

We did puzzles, books, dancing, you name it. Aside from the disturbing hyperactivity (which he is normally very active but this was beyond control hyper and not characteristic of him) it was actually a really sweet day. I told a friend the other day that work life balance is really hard for me that in order to be a good mom I feel like I am a bad employee and vise versa. Yesterday at the hospital we had a handful of really sweet moments. We had lunch together and he sat next to me on a chair like such a big boy, both of us eating pizza and aside from it being in a hospital and severely sleep deprived (both of us) it was sweet and tender. It was time we do not get together that often, alone time. We used to go to Gymboree every saturday when he was the only child and then go get pizza in the mall afterwards, I would then walk around the mall pushing him in the stroller until he fell asleep while I shopped.

I really wish there were a way I could work less and afford it. Not that I want to stay home with him all day everyday, I think day care is really important to his development (his and Zoes) but to have a day or two a week to go do mommy and me stuff would really do us both good I think. Ahh, in the perfect world maybe…for now I will savor the time I nurse my boy back to health and get in some extra mommy and Carter time.

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