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Sleepless in Children’s Hospital…

I had been out of town in Ft. Lauderdale for a work trip, that was exhausting…and got wind that my sons cold had taken a turn for the worse (he has Asthma and bad colds hit his lungs hard) and he had a fever of 102. So on thursday I told my partner to take him to the ER, they gave him some treatments, prescribed meds and sent him home…friday they called to say the Xrays showed a spot of pneumonia on his lungs and he was prescribed some antibiotics as well. I didn’t hear back from them on thursday until 10:00 pm (really 11pm FL time) so I was a worried mess…I booked a flight home friday instead of saturday and thank goodness I did. I snuggled him in bed with me all night and he could hardly breathe…breathing treatments, given every 3 hours didn’t so much and by sunlight I decided we were headed to the ER again.

They admitted him and I spent the next two nights on a very uncomfortable pull out couch/bed. There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer. The worst was when they wrapped him up in a bedsheet so they could insert an IV into his little hand…tears streaming down his face, crying, wheezing, eyes closed and finally it was like his poor little spirt was broken and he had nearly cried himself to sleep. There was blood and tears (mine and his) and it was just so sad. He was so scared. My normally friendly child started yelling, “No!” to every masked adult that entered the room.

He is home now, resting in his crib and so far, all is well…let’s hope it stays that way.

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