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Oh Apple how I love thee…

The Apple announcement was/is a big deal in this household…last night I said, “Honey! Guess what tomorrow is?” Staci’s reply, “Wednesday?” Me, yelling louder, “HONEY Guess what tomorrow is?” Staci, laughing, “The State of the Union Address?” Me, not believing how stupid she is at this point, “HONEY!!! GUESSS WHAT TOMORROW IS? YOU suck at this GAME!” Staci, laughing, “I know…it’s the Apple announcement.

So, without too much of a surprise, other than details and the name…the much anticipated iPad was announced. We are a BIG apple house here. I personally have a MacBook, Nano, Shuffle, old G4 and the 2nd Generation iPhone…I don’t really NEED the iPad, but I sort of feel like I have to get it…to add to my collection of techno gadgetry. The kids each have an iPod in their rooms and for when we fly (watching cartoons on a tiny device versus a giant portable dvd player cannot be beat)….Staci has an ancient MacBook, a newer MacBook and the newest MacBook, my old iphone (1st generation, which I still think had the best body), 1st generation Shuffle and iPod…she just texted me and asked me if I was going to get the iPad…after we both agreed in our texting back and forth that we do not need the iPads we said we would both be getting one anyway…it’s a sickness here. Hey, the kids both know how to work our iPhones…did I mention they are 1 and 2 years old? Did I mention that when I enable Genius on my phone it lists preschooler games based on my current downloads…oh Yeah! Peekaboo Barn is a hit in this house.

Funny story, last night I was putting Zoe to bed and Staci was putting Carter to bed…well, she says, “Where is Lua? She is crying, she is trapped somewhere (Lua is our cat)”…I say, I don’t hear her, you must be hearing things…she insists it’s Lua, and now Carter is concerned and partially crying saying, “Where kitty cat?” So now Staci nor Carter can rest until they find out where the crying is coming from…I finally go downstairs and find Lua asleep on the guest bed…Staci says, “I still hear it, there must be a cat outside.” I go outside on the porch and make “here kitty kitty” noises…nothin’….a half hour later, Staci comes downstairs and tells me it was the Peekaboo Barn game in her pocket…a Kitty was in a barn crying…turns out she didn’t stop the game just put it in her pocket. That would explain why she and Carter were the only ones to hear the crying cat. LOL

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