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Haiti being lost in the news…

If you go to CNN’s webpage you’ll see that Haiti no longer occupies the whole page, in fact you will have to search and scroll for any news about Haiti. This is a shame! It’s a shame because I do not care about congressmen and their infidelities, I do not care about how much money Ford made, I do not care that the Pope whipped himself (insert funny jokes here). Do NOT forget about them! What I DO care about is that in a country already very difficult to live in people have lost their homes, their limbs. I have a broken leg, and life in America with all of it’s ADA requirements and devices has been very difficult…imagine living in a place with one limb where you may not have crutches…and a walker or wheel chair is not going to do you much good because it’s not like there are paved sidewalks. What I DO care about are children going to bed on the ground with empty bellies and hearts. Children being taken advantage of…predators lurking in the shadows waiting for their opportunity.

Do not forget. Do not let others forget. And keep giving!

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