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I do it because I love them…

I have made very few appearances to my kids day care center since my accident. Today I dragged my arse out of the house early to hitch a ride with Staci and the kids to day care to take part in their “Welcome back to school” breakfast to ring in the new semester (they attend day care at the college Staci teaches at so they have semesters). I say “breakfast” loosely because it is always this makeshift, hodge podge of breakfast items like fruit, breads and bagels to toast, breakfast bars etc…but the kicker is that everything is served in dishes that are sterilized so the juice, coffee, etc. always has this hint of bleach taste to it. It’s sort of funny. This time, I brought my own coffee and it made all the difference.

It was the first time I was in Carters new room, he has graduated to the Toddler 3 room. That’s right, my biggie boy is advanced. Today one of his teachers said to me, “He’s a busy boy…” I hear that a lot and I know what that means, I used to say the same thing to parents of they hyper dogs at Doggy Day Care…but that’s one of the reasons he’s in a little bit older classroom…he needs the structure and activity. If left to his own devices he would find a way to unscrew everything in that classroom. It was good to meet his new little friends and see some of his old buddies. He was a little clingy and I have to admit, I liked it a little…so often he is Mr. Independent and it was nice to see he still needed his Mama.

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