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Haiti has changed me…

I’ve never been to Haiti but it has changed me. This past few weeks, since the earthquake, I have been shaken. Unchangeably so. Looking back on a previous post about how this year is going to be different, and what I wish for…I am disappointed in myself. I feel like what I do for a living, for a life is of little importance to what I could be doing. I went to college just so I could join the Peace Corp…somewhere along the way that got lost and I took jobs to survive, to “make more money”…I found a job I love but it seems to be such a small part of the picture. I have been reading blogs of wonderful people in Haiti and people here who have been adopting from Haiti who are doing amazing, life altering, life saving things. I told my mom the other day, “You know if I didn’t have children I would have been in Haiti by now…” I told my partner that once the children are old enough I want to do Humanitarian work. I am not a religious person, but I have to say watching the people of Haiti with their unbreakable spirit, lift their hands to the sky and thank God (thank the God that they had been praying to while trapped, buried alive under rubble) makes me wonder if perhaps there really is such a thing as a miracle.

I feel guilty that as I drink my Starbucks coffee and cook a warm pot of Chicken and Wild Rice soup for my family there are so many without. I hug my children a little tighter and a little longer since Haiti shook.

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  1. I love this post! Thank you for sharing!!

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