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Help Haiti

I cannot turn it (CNN) off yet I can’t watch anymore…the pain and suffering is eating me up inside. I feel the anxiety like I had after 9/11…I feel that sense of urgency, that “get your ‘get out of dodge if the shit hits the fan’ kit together” because God only knows when something horrible could happen. I have children…I have black children…when I see the hungry, scared, lonely faces of the children of Haiti I see my son and daughters eyes looking back at me…

I can’t help but think of how scared I was when I was in my car accident, sitting there with a shattered leg, how PAINFUL it was, how it felt like an eternity before the ambulance came to get me. How painful it remained for the following weeks and that was with prompt, good medical care AND pain medication. There are people who have been sitting for days without having their bones immobilized, not put back into place, not casted and NO pain medication. It is a pain no one should have to go through.

I want to scoop all the children up and save them all. I do not have an international home study done, I have a domestic one…but if there is anyway we can take in a child, heck we’d take in a whole family…we will. In the 60’s there was a mass exodus of unaccompanied minors from Cuba to the United States, parents sent them alone to the US to ensure they live a free life…it was called Operation Pedro Pan…I think maybe it’s time for a Pedro Pan situation in Haiti…in the meantime, I donate and sit and wait for another, perhaps bigger opportunity to make a difference for the people of Haiti.

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