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Adapting…first of all, I do not get this movie, Adaptation. As my partner sits, laughing, talking about how brilliant this movie is…I sit…and am hating this movie. Apparently it is a writing movie, and it’s completely lost on me. What does this say about me? Am I not smart enough? I consider myself a pretty cerebral gal, but this movie is trash.
Adapting…to life at a pace slower than I like to move at. The leg seems to be doing well, I will find out how well Tuesday at my next Orthopedic appointment. But I am walking without aid most of the time and have begun to take a few steps up alternating legs like normal people.
Adapting to life with two children under 3 years of age…this never seems to surprise me. I think daily Staci and I say to ourselves, “Holy Sh*t, we have two kids.” I struggle with what to write sometimes and would love to have a blog that is successful, read by many and I think somedays if I just wrote down funny sh*t my kid says I may just have a winner…then again, maybe it’s only adorable to us.
Today he “read” me a book, he babbled while pointing to words on the pages, pointing…right to left. It was cute. He also said, “I want a Mac.” while pointing to the computer…and joined me in singing, “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash…that was hysterical….
I still do not get this movie…
What will inspire me to blog more often? To blog more blog-worthy things? A goal for 2010 is to blog again…”Blog again in 2010!”

One Response

  1. I am glad to see you are back!!!!

    Your kids are awesome… and I look forward to seeing them more in 2010 and you and Staci, too!

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