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Missing Out

Nearly two weeks ago I was in a car accident. I had a tib/fib fracture with a metal rod inserted, I am doing better but am sure I have a long way to go. I hate it. I am huge on traditions and special moments, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons I wanted to have children. I missed their birthday party, I missed my sons bday. I am going to miss Halloween, and not sure if they are even going to dress up and go out in the great costumes I picked for them months ago. It makes me so sad.
My partner has had to really step up and do mostly everything as I can do very very little. I realized how little yesterday when she went outside for a minute with my 2 year old son, leaving me in the house with my 1 year old who got into the garbage and pulled out clorox wipes I used to clean the toilet. Well, I couldn’t pick her up, I yelled at her in a panic which made her cry, then she wanted to put her hands in her mouth. All I could do was hold her hands so she could not put them in her mouth. I couldn’t pick her up, nothing.
I feel like Zoe, my one year old is pulling away from me, she is used to Staci doing everything now and cries when Staci gives her to me. Carter, thank goodness missed me while I was away, asked for me and kept asking where my car was while I was away.
I am so angry at the person who did this. I am so sad that these moments are being stolen from me. I will never get them back.


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