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What a Day This Turned Out to Be!

Zoe did not have visits with her birth mom until she was 8 months old…and now for the past few months “mom” has decided that it’s really fun to play dolly with Zoe and has been having 2 hour visits, supervised for the past few months…skipping a few, when you know, she oversleeps (being jobless and all it’s hard to get places on time). She has been saying she wanted to take Zoe on her visit her birthday week to get photos taken. And she actually followed through this time. So the visit worker drove her to what I am assuming is Wal*mart, etc. Well, her visit is from noon – 2:00 pm, at 2:30 day care called me to tell me Zoe had not returned yet. My stomach dropped, my pulse shot up! I called my caseworker got voicemail saying she was out for the day. Called caseworkers supervisor, got his vm and he never returned my call. I tracked down the company that does visits and got the cell phone of the worker, called her, and she did not answer. I jumped in my car, sped off and had every intention of sitting in the day care parking lot so that when she DID return with my daughter I could bust out the biggest can of WHOOP ASS you have ever seen…I called day care on my way asking if she was back yet…she was, Staci was now there too and I said, “You tell Staci that she is NOT to leave until she finds out where the Hell my daugher has been and why she is late!”

Welcome to the foster system! You can never reach someone in an emergency. I didn’t know what to do, I left ranting messages on my caseworkers voicemail, tomorrow should be interesting…

I went on about responsibility, accountability, professionalism…and how in my world you don’t get to just be late…be unaccountable for your actions, be unprofessional! How am I supposed to be comfortable on thursdays knowing that when my daughter is not in day care and not with me she is with a “professional” who cannot keep on schedule OR pick up a god damned cell phone and tell someone they will be late…that for 40 minutes my precious cargo was unaccounted for.

I work with dogs for a living and I can guarantee you that if I were to be late bringing a dog home, I would call…CALL! I would apologize for being late, I would not blame it on the proximity of the photo place chosen. (Because, fyi, it doesn’t take more than a half hour to get anywhere in Milwaukee, so that is a load of shit!)

I don’t think anyone has any clue the thoughts that ran through my mind today…or how glad I was to see my little girl when I got home…

or how pissed this Mamma bear can get when you f*$! with her cubs!

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  1. that is just SO WRONG!

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