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New Developments

We have a few new things going on around here…
1. We have been playing around with the potty training (potty learning) thing around here, because Carter poos on the potty almost every night. We needed some training hours for our foster license so we attended a Potty Training seminar today and got some more great tips. So today after school we let Carter wear big boy chonies for a few hours before bed. Nothing is cuter than a little toddler running around in chonies. I love it. He thinks it’s pretty cool. Yes, we had a pee on the floor accident, but that is part of the learning.
2. Carter is now at the stage where he is very aware of owies. He is so aware that even a scar is an owie. He is so aware that there are multiple bandaids and kissing of the owies involved. I cannot for the life of me find Thomas the Train bandaids…anyone?
3. We went to the court house and filed for our lame Domestic Partnership today. I say lame because it is no where near equal and I am so bitter that everyone thinks I should be grateful that we at least get “something”…seriously? I was just shocked that a hetero couple needs to do to get “married” is pay $100 and fill out a one page form…in the 5 minutes we were there, 5 couples (hetero) got married. They didn’t even really look like they liked each other. I was like, “uhhh, that’s it? These people are married?” And to top it off, when we got there the clerk was laughing her ass off..why? Because a woman who got married there yesterday had just called wondering how she could get out of the marriage because it “Just wasn’t working out.” Less than 24 hours later. I said, “Can’t they get an annulment?” To which the woman said, “That’s what everyone thinks but you cannot get an annulment unless there was fraud involved.” I digress…our form was 3 pages, we paid $100 and we get 43 rights/benefits…
4. Saturday we have tickets to Joshua Radin (my new fave) in Madison and we have secured Carter & Zoe’s older sisters parents to babysit saturday (she is their full sibling and we are good friends now with her adoptive family and see them once a month at least)…this is going to be a sleepover…their first…and with their sister. How cute is that? I love seeing all three of them together. They are saints for taking our two for a total of three…very brave..

One Response

  1. Tell him it’s okay- that I pee on the floor once and a while, too… accidents happen…:)

    I am happy that you guys went down and got your certificate– it isn’t much– it isn’t fair– but it is SOMETHING.


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