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In a Blogging Block…

I was so motivated, I was keeping a book to jot down random blog topics that came to my head that I wanted to blog about…I was eagerly awaiting Carter being official so I could plaster him all over my blog…and now…I have bloggers block. I think it first started when I tried to upload an adorable video of Carter playing with his elephants and it didn't work and was far harder than I think it should be to post a video on a frickin blog. Now I feel like this damn typepad is not the best forum for me…but I liked it's iPhone ap…now what do I do?

Maybe someone can just help me figure out how to upload video for starters…

My creativity may also be squelched because I have another 4 hour conference call in about a half hour…I had one yesterday too…they suck the life out of your brain!

One Response

  1. Switch bloggy things.
    you need to start listening to me.

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