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Away from my babies…

I'm away at work, running a dog camp in Northern Wisconsin. My son is at this stage where I can't really talk to him on the phone when I travel because when I talk to him he gets upset and cries. Kind of a bummer because I cannot hear his cuteness. When he sees a car like mine and I am away he cries a little and points to the car and says, "Momma". Cute!

It's amazing how you can miss hugging a warm little body tightly against you a few times a day.

Side note, Staci was at a foster care seminar and came across a lesbian couple we met at another foster event who have a little african american boy, she exchanged numbers with them this time and during a break Staci pulled them aside and said, "I just wanted you to know that my Partner Anne and I jointly adopted through the foster system." And the woman said, "Ohhhhh THAT's YOU guys? We heard about you. Actually our case worker said to us, "You know that thing you asked me about before? Well ask me again." So aparently they had asked about joint adoption in the past, before our case…and I guess the caseworkers cannot bring our case up because of confidentiality, all adoptions are a closed record. But if they brought up the subject of joint adoption again she could tell them that it is now possible. I do enjoy being a couple that has hopefully helped pave the way for other Gays and Lesbians in Milwaukee to jointly adopt through the foster program. Who knows maybe we now have a new set of lesbian friends we can do mommy things with.

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