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Open Letter to the Bit_h In Front of us on the Plane…

You had the roomiest spot on the plane that is available in coach…you were in the exit row….you could stretch your legs completely straight in front of you…BUT you thought it was ok to RECLINE your seat? AND THEN have the audacity to be upset when my under two year old toddler kicked at your seat. REALLY? REALLY?!

It's not like I got on a plane with an unruly toddler with nothing to occupy him and let him kick the crap out of your seat.
No, on the contrary my son was pretty decent on the plane…until you shoved your seat in his space making it perfectly available for him to kick.
And lady, I consider it a successful flight if the majority of the plane is happy and cannot feel our presence, I don't give a hoot if your flight sucked…bottom line, you started it you big poopy head!

One Response

  1. sorta funny. I’m glad he kicked her. And if she’s still too stupid to sit up….well….there ya go. Too stupid.

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