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Two More Days…

Until he is OFFICIALLY OURS! Who hoo, I can hardly stand it…and at the same time it feels a little uneventful as he has FELT like ours since the day they laid him in our arms when he was two days old. He has never felt like he was not ours. At the very same time, I feel like I can finally breathe a GIANT sigh of relief knowing that he cannot be taken from us, that a magical distant (you wouldn't believe what CSSW constitutes as a family member) relative cannot appear from nowhere and snatch him from us…ahhh, and I can then officially post his unbelievably adorable mug all over my blog and Facebook…I already have his announcing photo picked out…

Tonight we sign paperwork and write out our two adoption checks, one for $10 (filing fee) and one for $43 (for two copies of the new Birth Certificate)…thats all it really costs for a domestic adoption in Wisconsin…granted you aren't two lesbians who want to change the way the adoptions are done and BOTH want to be the parents, then it will possibly cost you $5780 plus your $3300 estate planning fees…BUT the best money I ever spent.

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  1. YAY!

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