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Genetics or ?

So we officially have a crawler, Zoe started crawling last week. Granted she usually only crawls when you are not watching. If you are watching she stops and looks at you as if to say, "Hey, pick me up already. Don't make me crawl to you." But if you leave the room she usually is making her way to a toy. Lately she is very into her big (20 month old) brothers Thomas trains. She will crawl great distances to get them. But her brother has no intention of letting her have them. If she gets one he usually snatches it from her hand and yells, "No!" I had a brother 3 years my younger and HATED it when my brother took my things. So I feel his pain and don't think he really should be expected to let his baby sister chew and drool all over his precious trains.

So she enjoys trains and wheels. Today she carted herself across the floor to get to the toy stroller to…play with the wheels. Now I wonder is this genetic because her brother loves wheels always has. Or does she just look up to everything her brother does?

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