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Evil Eye…

This weekend was Pridefest weekend. Busy and fun. Friday we got a sitter, only the second time we got a sitter who was not an immediate family member or friend in almost two years. We met some friends out at Pridefest and had a blast. Saturday it was sort of rainy so we ditched the plan to go to Pridefest with the kids and hung around the house until we went to a friends BBQ. Our friends are all licensed to be foster to adopt parents and are eagerly awaiting a placement. It is absolutely amazing how stressful it is to leave the protective bubble of your own home and spend time at someone elses house with your children. Our friends house is a death trap in our eyes or at the very least a toddler nightmare. They have depression ware everywhere, large cacti indoors and out, multi levels, a giant screen door (which provided hours of finger pinching fun!), a fire pit, a hot grill, a cooler filled with glass bottles, and 2 dogs who are not friendly to children. Sitting and eating a meal or talking with your friends at this type of function is impossible with kids. It is exhausting…

Sunday we woke up, had breakfast and packed up the kids for Pridefest. This was Z's first year and C's second…while C was old enough to really dig it…Z had trouble with all the loud music (she has sensory issues we are working on with an OT). They have a kids area with playground equipment, a train and a bounce house. C was in the bounce house, was all excited (since he LOVES to jump) but then the kiddie train came by…he evacuated out of that bounce house like it was on fire screaming "choo choo" he rode it three times by the end of the day. The real fun came when we took him to the splash pad. He was hesitant at first but once I took his hand and went with him he had a blast. It's amazing how much water a diaper can hold…I am surprised he could walk with all the weight from that wet diaper. Z hated it…so when we went home I filled up the kiddie pool for her instead…I put some hot water from the kitchen sink in it and then filled it up with the hose until it was a good temp for her. She is so funny, she splashed like crazy but stuck her tongue out the whole time. Got some great pics from the weekend, over 300!

Many people complimented us on our children, and I love taking them to things like this because everyone seemed so generally happy for us. Now that I am a mother everything touches me differently. The volunteers from PFLAG in front with signs saying "I celebrate diversity" made me well up. To see older people take their weekend to make a statement for us…I said thank you. One woman who looked a lot like comedian Margaret Cho said how beautiful they are and then said "May I touch them?" I and then as I was saying "yes" she quickly explained that in her culture they touch the children to take away the "evil eye" as to not give them too much energy. And she appeared to touch each of their foreheads and chins. Of course I googled it when I got home…I have been touched by her act of kindness toward my children all day…a perfect stranger looking out for my children, warding off the "evil eye" and misfortune. Such a weekend, full of a feeling of belonging.

Peace to you and yours!

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