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First Bad Habit?

So our son C is starting to self potty train. He taps his diaper to let us know he needs to poo. So we never call his bluff and we quickly run to the potty…while there we always have books to read. His favorite is a truck book with sliding flaps. Well, Ima (Staci) has a habit of licking her fingers to turn a page (keep that in mind next time you loan her a book). The sliding flaps in the book are not always easy to slide, so Ima licks her fingers and slides them. Guess who was licking his fingers every time he turned a page in his book. Cute and gross.

3 Responses

  1. thanks for the heads up about the page licking 🙂

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your blog header. looks like we have a lot in common. awesome that you have bio siblings. i’m so glad it happened that way for us. are you adopting them soon or are they already adopted?

  3. glad you stopped by, I read you all the time! We do seem to have a lot in common…energetic boys and baby girls:) C has been TPR’d since last June and we are still in the process of adopting, we have had several cancelled dates due to court schedules being overbooked, etc. Red tape@! Ugh! So we are hoping any day to get a new date…hopefully by the end of the summer. Just want it official so we can breathe easier…but our daughter Z has just started the paperwork to TPR.

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