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Psychic readings…

so about two years ago Staci and I went to an "alternative Tupperware party". I thought there would actually be Tupperware there and I got my wish list all together. I knew there would be a psychic there but waited and waited for the Tupperware…alas, there was none. But what there WAS is a burping psychic one who told Staci and I on separate readings that we were going to have children and these children we were going to have were going to be "special". She quickly explained herself by saying special in a "not of this world" special. I am pretty certain she was right.

I know everyone thinks their kids are the greatest and I am exception to this rule but no matter where we go people stop and want to talk to our kids. Not only do they want to talk to our kids, but they want tot touch them, take photos of them. How weird is that? random strangers want to take their pictures. My mother says when she shows pictures of them to her co-workers they instantly smile. 

Case in point, today we left the house for an early morning stroll around our neighborhood to participate in the neighborhood rummage sale. People were in love with our kids. I continually heard people tell us that we were "blessed". Now, there are times when I see a cute kids and acknowledge so but to go further and gush about how "blessed" they are? 

On another note we did alright rummaging today. We had a strict mission of looking for Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Instead we spent about $40 total and got: 
$1 sit and spin
$12 little tykes climber with slide
$2 electronic keyboard
.50 Thomas the train lunchbox
$5 vintage Matchbox garage (the same exact one my brother and I had when we were little in the 70's!) Very cool to see my son play with the same toy over 20 years later.
$5.00 a huge plastic organizer filled with hotwheels cars (over 40 of them)
$10 little tykes purple and white toybox

So the kids scored and our yard looks even more kid like with a climber in it now. 

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