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Nothing says “Happy Mothers Day” like…

a box of 3M Masks…


I suppose I should explain because it is funny and sort of sweet. I am known for my over preparedness. I am what my partner calls a "lifeboater". I cannot leave the house without many things "just in case". For example, this is what you would find in my diaper bag on a given day.

Diaper Bag Contents on your average day:
3 diapers each size (total 6 diapers)
Some type of butt ointment
2 Bibs (one each size)
Children's Tylenol
Baby food & Rice cereal
Toddler snacks (raisins, crackers, peaches, granola, etc.)
Gluten free snacks (for Z, crackers, rice snacks)
Keys, rattles, teethers, etc. (toys for Z)
Hotwheels, rubber snakes, beaded necklace, train (toys for C)
Shelf stable box of milk
Bottle prefilled with water 
Container of formula
Toddler & infant spoons/forks
Changing pad
Clorox wipes (have you seen some of the places you are expected to change your child, discusting…namely airplanes, and gas stations are the worst)
Mommy things (snacks, immodium, chap stick, tampons, antacid, aveda blue oil…)
Children's nail clipper
Cars bandaids
Sippy cup
Leashes for cups
Burp rag
Wipe off books and crayons
and I am sure I am leaving things out that I also add in there…
So as you can see, quite a bit of stuff…however, everyone I know gives me crap about how much I lug around…but everytime we go out people need something, ask me for it and I have it. SO there!
So, in addition to being a lifeboater, I am an emergency preparedness freak. We live in tornado country so I make sure we have an emergency backpack to take to the basement "just in case". So Staci getting me a giant pack of 3M face masks "just in case" I am near H1N1 people makes perfect, loving sense. Really it does. And she assures me they are "top of the line" masks. 

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  1. LOVE the new layout !!!!!

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