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Disaster has struck!!!!

Thomas the Train, the diecast take along model that choo's…has gone AWOL! He cannot be located anywhere! I was standing right there when C wound up his pitching arm and launched him into the abyss. I did not see the exact trajectory but I swear it went forward…errr, well towards Z's crib to be exact…but I cannot find it for the life of me…First off, these damned trains are NOT cheap by any means…secondly, where is the damned train? I have a toddler running around saying "choo choo" while throwing up his arms in the air in the international symbol for "dunno"…it's the saddest thing. And the most disturbing and puzzling. How can things disappear into thin air like this? I used to know where everything was. Enter one baby and then another and I cannot find a damned thing.

Please Thomas, if you can read this come home!

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