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Yet Another…and a Funny…

So our Adoption Specialist emailed me tonight saying she is leaving her job effective 6/16. Great! Chalk up another specialist of one sort or another that we have blown through in our 18 months as foster/adoptive parents. I love the work that they do, but MAN we have gone through 5 caseworkers and 2 adoption specialists in our 18 months. So our specialist likely won't even be with us through the adoption and C was her first case to go to TPR. I just want this done with!

Funny kids:
On a funnier note, here is a conversation my 8 year old neighbor girl had with her mom as told by her mom to us. (first of all the topic is Henry and Scooby the neighborhood dogs who live next door to each other but hate each other.) I'll substitute a K for the little girl and a S for her mom.

K: Why can't Henry and Scooby just be friends.
S: They just don't like each other, they are being boys.
K: But boys can be friends.
S: Yes they can but not Henry and Scooby because Scooby doesn't like Henry in his territory.
K: But if they were friends they could have babies.
S: No…not really.
K: But Anne and Staci have C
S: You noticed that C has two mommies huh?
K: Uh huh, sometimes it must be better to have two mommies. And sometimes it would be good to have two daddies.
S: Yup, I think you are right.

Ah, now if adults could just get on board and see things as easily as children.

Switching subjects…I found the most disturbing video on the internet last night…I've seen some nasty things, including the Porsche girl pictures…but watching a video of a baby boy being circumcised made me sick to my stomach and want to cry. Seriously, I am so glad I did not have to make that decision, that C came that way to us because if I would have had to make that decision I think I would have let him wait until he was an adult so he could make that decision himself and at least have anesthetic.

Creepy Faced Trains:
I told myself no. I told everyone in our house no…that there would be no watching of or playing with creepy faced trains (namely Thomas)…and all of the sudden I have a train obsessed toddler…and we have a toothbrush, dish set and yes the train himself…all with the creepy face…I fear it is all downhill from here. I think tomorrow we will go to East Troy to the train museum where you can ride a real train, not a mini zoo train, but a real train. C is going to be besides himself.

Choo Choo!

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